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Useful Architecture Links

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    RIBA-Royal Institute of British Architects
    Architecture.com - Run by RIBA
    Careers In Architecture - Useful site listing basics of becoming an Architect
    President Medals- List of Accredited Courses- Important to choose a school which is recognised by the RIBA to become an Architect
    Architecture Week 2007 coming soon..
    BeConstructive's Inspire Scholarship- available for Architecture Courses
    The Times Architecture League Table
    Guardian Architecture League Table

    Please add any more link suggestions, and I'll edit this post
    EDIT: Is it possible to get this stickied?
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    CABE, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, is the government’s advisor on architecture, urban design and public space.
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    Here a userful website for Portfolio Presentation Ideals:
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    some interesting stuff on finalcrit.com
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    I've added the contents of this thread to the wiki.

    You can find the page here.

    Now everyone can add to and update this list and make it a great resource for all current and prospective architecture students.
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    FAO the architecture forum:

    I don't know how many of your subscribe to the AJ, but if like me you've been waiting for a deal then you can at the moment subscribe quarterly (3 months weekly) for only £12. I'm not sure how long this deal has been going, and you all probably knew about it before me but i thought i'd make it public for the people that didn't know about it.

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    Personally I prefer the BD, which I have been told its free for students.

    i don't think the AJ is worth the money unless it was £12 for one year, which was a deal they had on a while ago.
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    yeah i kind of agree. I've been told by countless mates/graduates that AJ is something you have a quick flick through in the library when you're at uni, not really something to subscribe to. But then again, i think 12 quid for 12 issues isn't too bad. There's far too many i want to subscribe to, i'm gonna have to sample them all first.
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    what about blueprint?
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    Blueprint is good for all round design.

    But, this is BRILL!!
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    Presentation Layout Design
    easy, simple, useful site
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    hello every one.... can anyone post the link of portfolio design or some layout of portfolio so that i can get some idea...for my 1st portfolio!!! ....take care everyone..byee

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    (Original post by mahmuda chy)
    hello every one.... can anyone post the link of portfolio design or some layout of portfolio so that i can get some idea...for my 1st portfolio!!! ....take care everyone..byee

    Layout isn't too important, it's more content. This thread might be helpful:
    Architecture Portfolio

    Recently a couple of us have linked to portfolios lower down on this page as well:
    Westminster thread Page 4
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    habitables.wordpress.com - a blog set up for architecture students, run by recent graduates!
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    A very interesting architecture magazine:
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    Thx a lot
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    Not really a link, more an architecture and design competition, but it's really cool!
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    Guys have just started doing real time animation with Unity 3d and it's really great. might be doing my final projects in it.
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    Bartlett Library just tweeted this, freely accessible architecture journals:

    Some very reputable names in that list. Everyone should work your way through this before ever paying for a subscription.


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