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How do i revise for a2 english

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    How do I revise for English, I'm doing Blake, Hamlet & Revengers. Exam is closed book and I have a really bad teacher so very worried..!!

    HI! Im doing Hamlet and Revengers too!
    I was looking for a thread for Hamlet for A2 english but couldn't find one. Came across this instead!
    What Im doing to prepare for LT4 (for the Hamlet part) is doing summary notes for each act (key points) and then highlighting any key themes I come across from each Act/Scene. I literally just think about themes because that's what its most likely going to be on D:

    My way is turning out to be incredibly time-consuming, but it does mean I am having to actually constantly consider the themes in Hamlet and TRT, which is never a bad thing.

    I have basically started going through each scene, and any quote which seems like it could applicable to various questions/contains various themes within it, I have noted down on one side of a card and on the other side, have made a few brief notes on explaining the quote/ word-level analysis, the themes contained within the quote, as well as any links to the other text and context. I am doing my critical quotes on separate flash-cards.

    Hope that is of some help on how to start making revision materials.
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Updated: April 3, 2016
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