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Not sure what to do

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    I'm 25. When I left sixthform age 18 I only had a C and an E at A-Level and didn't go to University. My GCSEs were 2 A's 6B's and 2 C's

    Since leaving sixthform, I have worked as a bartender (8 months), a care worker (4 years) and an IT, Media and Communications Apprentice for a Russel Group University (2 years when contract finishes late august).

    The research institute I work for wanted to create a full time post for me at the Institute, but Faculty wouldn't approve it for financial reasons.

    I have been accepted onto a course to study Computer Science this september. It is a 4 year course on account of having a Foundation Year. I can expect to be 29 when I graduate.

    I'd love to study computer science anyway, but feeling anxious about a few things

    - Do you think this is the best course of action? Putting a career off atleast another four years?

    - I will need to get a part time job too. How difficult is it to get a part time job while studying full time?

    - Do you think my varied employment history will work for or against me when looking for IT related jobs after graduating? My age?

    Where will you study CS?

    CS graduates tend to be high earners although IT is probably the most flexible industry when it comes to qualifications with many self taught programmers working in top positions and is very entrepreneurial, in terms of IT people starting businesses/start-ups.

    Have you considered doing Microsoft of Oracle certification program? Oracle consultants make can make over £500/day. Best course of action depends on what your ambitions are, personally I think if you were to study at a lower ranked uni probably not worth it.

    Jobs depend on location, in central London you could probably land a part time job in a couple of hours, St Andrews a different story.

    Your age won't matter, nor your work past if you have the skills.
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    University of Liverpool

    That's a good place to study. With IT its hard to give advice, that course will open up a lot of graduate programs and for a lot of people university is one of the best experiences of their lives, with the potential to develop new skills, insights, professional and personal networks and potential business partners, 25 is really not that old to start uni.

    On the other hand 4 years in IT is a long time, you can do a lot in IT in that time, you will have to sacrifice comforts like steady wage and disposable income.

    I think that you have already made the decision to study, its not like you are committed for 4 years, if you hate it you could leave even after one month, but I suspect you will probably enjoy it massively.
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