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Year 11 Prefect Application - advice please (:

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    What do you guys think? Anything to remove, anything else I should probably mention? Thanks (:
    Dear [Name],
    I am applying to be a Year 11 Prefect, in hopes of becoming further engaged and involved with the school. As a role that requires dedication and drive, I believe I am a suitable candidate as my commitment and ambition is prevalent through my presentation at school (both in terms of work and uniform) and grades – I have continuously achieved top grades throughout my entire school career, and have always been respectful of staff and my peers.

    I have offered assistance at various school events, such as Open Evening, where I conversed with prospective students and their parents visiting the English Department, and the Year 7 Enrichment Day. During the Enrichment Day, I was responsible for directing a large group of Year 7 students on each of the two days – it was my role to accompany the students around the school, leading them to and from their designated activities. These two roles helped me gain confidence, as well as gave me experience in leading a large group and conversing with younger pupils. I also had to be extremely vigilant on the day, to make sure every student was present throughout the day.

    I applied as a Student Librarian, starting in September 2015– a role I thoroughly and wholeheartedly enjoy. Working in the School Library allows me to contribute to the school, while establishing my organisation skills and ability to work in a team to support the education of other students at [School name]. Organisation is a vital attribute in the role, as we must keep our shelves in order, and the library clean to ensure it is the perfect environment for learning. Furthermore, I volunteer at the local [Town name] Library in town – my responsibilities include organising and maintaining the children’s area, and I have also applied to help during the Summer Reading Challenge.

    Further outside of school, I take part in the Ikon Youth Programme – a group within the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. My engagement in this group has allowed me to gain confidence, as well allowing me to develop my creativity and opening up my mind to the ideas and interpretations of others.It has allowed me to become more adaptable to formulating my own ideas independently and working in a team.

    [School name] offers a multitude of opportunities to enable students to push themselves, and gain valuable experience – the role of prefect is just one example. I believe the experiences explained above, and the qualities I have developed as a result of them, will allow me to thrive in the position.

    Yours sincerely,
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