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10 things you hate about yourself??

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    My height
    My sexuality
    My personality
    My past
    My shyness
    My kindness
    My tolerance level
    My depression
    My diet
    My life

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    This thread is way too negative for my liking. :noway:

    1. I am fat, which makes me look ugly, which makes people completely skip me or ignore me or judge me.

    2. I am a very giving person but also an alpha male but because I am fat people don't care or don't give a chance.

    3. I am autistic, I know I am autistic so I make bad decisions. This means I know I make bad decisions so I can't make decisions because I know they might be bad ones.

    4. I love women and I am kinky but because I am autistic therefore socially uncoordinated I can't talk to them and therefore am foreveralone.

    5. I am fat because I have had problems in the past and I equate binge eating to happiness. I have lost a lot of weight (5 stone) but the 5 stone more I have to lose is just not going very quickly even with a 2500 calorie deficit.

    6. I am almost 30 and forever alone. everyone else is married. I know I will never be married or if I am it will be to a horrible person (looks and personality) that no one else wants. Basically like being married to myself.

    7. I make a lot of money sometimes and then sometimes make none. The perks of being an internet marketer. When I make none I get lonely, when I make a lot, I just attract users and gold diggers who pick up that im autistic on a subconscious level and think that makes me a mark or a target.

    8. I am tall. 6ft 8". Which means that I look terrible BUT attract more attention than everyone else. Which means everyone judges me. I also can't fit into a lot of cars and bang/burn my head a lot on bare lightbulbs.

    9. Most importantly looking at life it would be unfair to pass on my genes - have children - which makes my life somewhat pointless. All I have to give society is 20% corporation tax + ~40% income tax. But I can't kill myself. I have tried and failed. I just can't make myself go through with it. This bugs me the most.

    (Original post by Zargabaath)
    1) Everything
    2) Everything
    3) Everything
    4) Everything
    5) Everything
    6) Everything
    7) Everything
    8) Everything
    9) Everything
    10) Everything

    (Original post by Vicky628)
    Pretty much everything
    (Original post by Blondie987)
    You name it I hate it


    (Original post by acupofgreentea)
    This thread is way too negative for my liking. :noway:
    I know what you mean, reading the thread I be like


    I don't hate anything about myself. A lot could be better. Some things I can change, some things I can't. I just have to work on the things that I can change and that is all that anyone can ask. :moon:
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Updated: May 15, 2016
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