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Parents wont let me move out.. what excuse shall i use?

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016

    (Original post by Reue)
    Fortunately in the UK we believe it to be under 18, so adults at that age or over are free to make their own choices.
    Still think that's crazy.
    18 year olds are so childish lol don't know how to wash their own clothes or cook s*** lmao

    (Original post by Reue)
    Fortunately in the UK we believe it to be under 18, so adults at that age or over are free to make their own choices.
    You make some good points but I think you're arguing with a child in all honesty

    If they're coming from a financial point of view, then try and estimate the exact difference in costs - remember that if youre commuting you need to pay for a car, petrol, car insurance, car tax, car maintenance, parking, etc. which easily amounts to a couple of thousand pounds. Or if you take the bus then that can also add up over the year. Wheras living in halls might only be a thousand pounds or so more expensive, and the extra time you have due to not commuting enables you to get a well paid part time job.

    I know a lot of Asian parents are quite focused on academics - maybe they think you will study better at home? You can point out that living on campus will give you 24/7 access to the library and your professors/ classmates, commuting time wastes a few hours every day when you could be studying, etc. Also, if a university further from home is higher ranking that's an easy way to demonstrate you will be better off academically by going there

    If they're worried about the social life, you can spend this year demonstrating that you are responsible when in comes to partying/ drinking, perhaps consider finding halls that are gender specific or 'quiet' if possible, you can promise to call then regularly, say on Friday nights when parents might expect students to go partying (lol), etc. Basically, you need to build their trust for this one.

    (Original post by retro_turtles)
    That being said in Asian families a simple 'i'm and adult' won't do the trick, like OP said she doesn't really want to do anything to hurt them.
    Black African parents here, and that's exactly what I did. If you want something, you will take it with no excuses.

    I'm grow up in an Asian family as well, firstly they do not want me to move out. BUT I try to tell them that I need to experience the society and just try to talk to them.
    I'm also 19

    But what they saying is that they not going to support me if I move out so better to find a job and apply for student finance if u r in my situation as well.

    (Original post by 34908seikj)
    Tell them you've got full blown aids.
    which is transmittable by aerosol.

    (Original post by 0to100)
    I did try hard wtf. Honestly don't say that again I do my damndest.
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Updated: May 26, 2016
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