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LLB or GDL which one is more respected?

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    Hello everybody, so I am currently a year 13 student and have gained a firm offer to study law at the University of Leeds (top 20 uni). But through looking at the modules, I have found some topics which sound so boring and which I would not need to know to become a criminal lawyer.

    So I should I do a degree in English literature instead (one of my passions) and then do the GDL?

    The only problem is, that if I decide to do the GDL I would get my English lit degree from a 'bad uni' such as Leeds Beckett or Manchester Met as I would have to enter clearing. So would it be worth gaining a 2:1 in English from a 'bad uni' and then still being a strong candidate with a good GDL?

    Please ask any questions if confused, I do not use this site often and am still learning how to!


    If it was just a case of GDL v LLB, then my focus would be on whether I could finance the GDL (£20k) and LPC.
    If it was Leeds Uni v MMU, then I would pick Leeds Uni.
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    (Original post by 999tigger)
    If it was just a case of GDL v LLB, then my focus would be on whether I could finance the GDL (£20k) and LPC.
    If it was Leeds Uni v MMU, then I would pick Leeds Uni.

    In terms of funding, I know that the government loans out the tuition for the first degree, but in terms of the GDL are there existing loans for that?

    Sorry I forgot you are 6th form. You will need to find funding for both the GDL and LPC
    One way is to try and get a TC with a law firm and get them to pay for you. tends to only be richer commercial firms.
    Another way might be to take out one of the new PGL as some courses count the GDL as an LLM so it can qualify, there are also a few 4 year LLB's which you would get funding for.
    Finally you might have to take out a professional studies loan and pay for it yourself on far less favourable terms than the slc.
    Oh I missed out saving up the cash or working and paying for it.

    If you really want to do Eng Lit, then do it but maybe use NUS Extra, see what you cna get in clearing or just apply for next year and take a gap year.

    The GDL is c£8500 + whatever your living expenses are.
    The LPC is c £11-15,000 + living fees.

    When you say you've looked into the course content and you've found some modules you're not that interested in, which ones are you referring to? I'm sure you will be aware, but there are 7 core modules that have to be studied in order gain a qualifying law degree and these same modules have to be covered on the GDL.

    There will always be modules on any degree that you're not the biggest fan of but if you think you'd enjoy 3 years of a non-law degree then that's something to consider. Also like 999tigger said, you need to consider how you would finance your post grads. Most firms tend to have a pretty even split of law/non-law grads so I wouldn't worry about that. You should also consider what type of firm you want to end up in. Some do care about the university your degree is from, others not so much. Although, if you're a good enough candidate, where your degree is from shouldn't matter

    does an LLM even qualify you for becoming a lawyer without a LLB? i thought it didn't because it was considered an academic degree, not a professional conversion course

    or maybe some llm's do and some don't, i really don't know
    maybe its about accreditation or whatever

    edit: ignore me, it is about accreditation, just... ignore me lol
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