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King's College Lnat Requirement

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    MY question is simple: Does a high LNAT increase one's chances (of getting into kcl law) dramatically?

    I have seen loads of people with 16, 17 etc getting into kcl and was wondering whether kcl simply use LNAT as a tool to seperate the sub 16s from those above 16s and then judge all those above 16 with other criterias (A levels, ps)

    or do they really take into account higher lnat scores?
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    They do take the LNAT into consideration. But it is not the make it or break it deciding factor. They had a cut-off point of 16. But this year, someone got in with 15. Basically Kings is like any other university; they will take it with a grain of salt. The other parts of your application such as grades, personal statement and reference all have to be strong for them to want to give you an offer. If you are not backed with these, a good LNAT score isn't going to help much. But if these other factors are not as strong, a good LNAT score definitely wouldn't hurt in swaying their decision. This does not apply to Kings alone but with all the universities that take the LNAT into consideration.
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    Call them and ask....none of us will be able to say(i doubt they'll tell you anyway). Some unis just use the LNAT as an excuse to reject students (says an exeter tutor). They say they have a cutoff point, but in reality they do accept people with lower scores (*Ahem*Durham). Some say it won't matter that much at interview, but say "your LNAT is too low" in the feedback letter (Oxford).

    So basically a high LNAT score is good for anyone...but they can easily say "course is very competitive" or "your PS doesn't justify your course" even if you get a really high score.
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    icic.. i know that lnat scores isnt the be all and end all..but will a very high score (eg 27) appeal to the admissions tutor in anyway? or will you be judged all the same as a person with 16?
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    yes it counts...and a 27 vs a 16 will definitely make the one with 16 look like they shouldn't get the offer (when looked at by the same admission tutor). Very much like 11Bs in GCSE vs 11A*
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    haha ic..thnx
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    Hey there!

    Sorry for the late reply! But I thought i'd just feed you in on King's and how they really use the LNAT. King's look, and take your qualifications into account, becasue they know that the LNAT is difficult.

    However, UCL on the other hand are so mean when making offers. They always take the LNAT into account, and at times UCL have rejected people with a score of 16, although they have A grades at GCSE, and A-Levels. Its really hard to please UCL, and I think its quite unfair. Nonetheless, I also see why UCL do that is because they have 2500 applicants, so it's only fair if they be really picky and selective, which is why some universities understand the difficulty of the LNAT, and other uni's just base their decisions on the LNAT.

    Sorry for the late reply once again, but thought i'd inform you on how UCL and King's think completely different when it comes to the LNAT.

    BTW I heard Queen Mary's are thinking of using the LNAT because they come really high in the rankings. This year QM come like 3rd or 4th for top law schools. It even beat UCL by one place and King's by 4 places. They're really getting really goood. =D
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    But the LNAT this year is out of 42?

    What do you think the cut-off point will be then? I got 21 and have a fairly strong application, is it possible i may get an offer?
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    (Original post by Zainchawdry)
    But the LNAT this year is out of 42?

    What do you think the cut-off point will be then? I got 21 and have a fairly strong application, is it possible i may get an offer?
    Well if the cut off point before was 16/30 (53.33%) I would of thought that it would be something close to that percentage this time around...

    53.33% as a score would now be 22.4 (23); you scored 21/42 so 50%.

    But this is all just guesswork; they may have a lower or higher requirement.
    I saw someone on the LNAT scores thread say that they wanted at least 18 this year, but I'm not sure if that's genuine.

    I'm also a KCL applicant (haven't got my LNAT result yet:mad:) so I'm curious too

    Good luck!
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    did anyone get an offer with less than 16?


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