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IB Questionbanks, Past Papers, Mark Schemes and Grade Boundaries

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    biology HL past papers(send)
    biology HL past papers(send)

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    If you require grade boundaries for IB exams, the please first check this wiki page to see if it has what you need.

    Once you've checked there and you cannot find what you need, then make a request in this thread and someone may be able to help you.

    The original content for the wiki page is taken from here.


    Please post links to sites containing past papers in this thread.

    Can I also take this opportunity to make clear that emailing past papers around via TSR will not be accepted. It is better for everyone if they are posted in the open forum.



    MOD EDIT: There is a useful resource for many maths exam past papers/mark schemes etc. Please take a look here if you need maths past papers. For science past papers you can look here.

    Those threads are now closed, so make new requests for maths and science past papers in this thread.


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    All these links were working when I posted this to the forum (26th February 2005 18:08). However, since IBO does not allow schools publish papers online, many were taken down. That is why you cannot access many papers anymore.
    I found some papers on the Internet. So, download them, if you need. (These links can be also found in other threads).
    However, I would like to ask you for one thing. Do not post requests for papers to this thread. Only links to papers/sites with papers. Use other threads to ask for papers.

    Links in posts below may be also not working. But I am too lazy to edit those messages.

    Some more november 2003

    For searching for papers: try to put this to the search engine:
    "until instructed to do so" diploma programme
    And use as many search engines as you can.

    Math Methods. Mostly Paper 2. Includes November 2004

    Chemistry HL
    And yes, some of the previous links do not work anymore.

    Some mix of past papers

    History HL Europe May 04

    Some new mix of papers
    Added 11.2.
    Mathematics HL
    Physics SL (try to browse if there are more!)
    Chemistry HL
    Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths
    CS, Economics, Physics

    Once I wrote little "guide", how to find papers on the internet and sent it to someone. But I think, it might be helpful for you. So here it goes:
    Every paper contains sentence "Do not open this examination paper until instructed to do so". Every paper contains words Diploma programme. Almost every paper is PDF file.
    So you take search engine and input this query:
    "until instructed to do so" diploma programme
    (with quotation marks). You can also specify that you want to search for PDF files (not necessary).
    Then you find good search engines. Google is the first choice, however it does not find too many papers. You can use Google to find another search engines. Good search engines are Pandia (http://pandia.com), that sends your query to 5 or 6 another engines and sorts the results, msn search (http://search.msn.com) or SOGOsearch (www.sogosearch.com).
    When you find a paper, then look at its address. In search engine you usually get only one paper from one site. And when there is one paper, usually there are more somewhere close. So, you take the address of the PDF paper and delete everything, that is behind last slash ('/'). Then you enter it to browser. Now let's take two examples.
    a) you find this in search engine:
    So you erase everything behind last / and result enter to browser:
    You will see error message. So you will erase again everything behind last / and enter it again:
    Now you get a page, where either are links to desired papers (not this case), or link to page, from where you an download the papers (in this example link saying "download physics material").
    b) you find in search engine for example this:
    you delete everything behind last / and enter it to browser. You see then directory listing. In that case it is good to go one or more directory up to see, if there are more papers. So in this case it is directory
    In this case it is also good to browse everything on that server to see, if there are no more papers (on this site you can find also computer science
    and some more subjects.
    c) you find in search engine for example this
    http://www.aselley.com/documents/exams/Nov00SLp2.pdf (does not work anymore)
    when you try to use previous steps, you find either errors or no link to papers. In this case you can guess names of papers. Here they were for example these:
    (you change level, paper or session). Sometimes it works (it did here).

    Another way of searching for papers is asking other IBers. This way you can get to FTPs and sites, that are not available to public.

    Math Methods
    And I do not care about requests. Most of the time I cannot do anything about them.

    does anyone have IB Music past yr papers? it'd be good if you could upload it on www.yousendit.com =) thanks
    fyi. email it to yourself, and then you'd get a link.. then you can post the link on the board, and everyone can download the file.. (I think this would be an easier way to share IB past yr paper collections.. [zip it up] cos the IBO wont be able to shut these down, unlike FTP sites.)

    maybe someone could start a collection of past yr papers, vade mecum(s) and syllabuses? =)

    Here you go!

    Listening Paper


    Scores Booklet:


    (Original post by vani_tyj)
    I was hoping if someone would give me the link to Business Paper 2 (HL and SL) of November 2002.

    Thanks a bunch.

    P.S. I also need a good site for Biology Paper 2's.
    Nothing I can do about business papers, but the following are links to biology paper 2s (they will only last a week so get them now):
    May 2001
    May 2002
    May 2003
    May 2004
    November 2001
    November 2002
    November 2003

    Good luck and let me know if you find those business papers!

    Here are links to paper 1:

    Biology - Higher Level - Paper 1 - Nov 2003

    Biology - Higher Level - Paper 1 - May 2004

    Biology - Higher Level - Paper 1b - May 2004

    Do you need the markschemes as well?

    never mind

    hey guys ive uploaded some past papers on another thread....want Ib papers... finally here...anyways here are the links again check it out ive used rapidshare.de so u guys just click on the link and download it...the link will remain active as long as u ppl keep downloading if a period of 31 days passes by and no one downloads the links will go out...here are the links again

    Link to physics past papers

    Link to a helpful physics book

    Spanish ab initio its only one set of papers with the mark scheme

    Link to Business papers

    Link to computer science past papers

    These are maths methods question papers

    Math methods answers

    (Original post by westsidah408)
    Hey can anybody post a link to where i can get the math studies sl past papers....would really appreciate it....cheers
    May 2004 Math Studies papers:



    Nov 2004 Math Studies papers:



    Nov 2004 Math Studies Markschemes:



    (Original post by Dipesh)
    Hello, could someone please upload the link where i can download the May 2004 Maths HL Paper 2 exams and Markschemes. For all the timezones if possible. Ta.
    May 2004 Time Zone 1 Math HL papers:


    I'm missing paper 2 on this time zone for some reason, if I get it, I'll upload it later.

    May 2004 Time Zone 1 Math HL markschemes:



    May 2004 Time Zone 2 Math HL papers:



    May 2004 Time Zone 2 Math HL markschemes:



    maths HL exams + markschemes (1999-2005): http://search.saschina.org/surowski/IB_Exams/exams.htm

    (Original post by FreeIB)
    Due to some unfortunate circumstances the previous FTP was pulled offline, it is however...back Stay tuned for the rules/regulations. Previous users may access it using the old user/pass combination. The address however has changed to freeib.no-ip.org
    See Above


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