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Blonde teacher has brutal sex with 13 year old boy over 300 times

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    Published: January 12, 2009

    A fifth grade teacher in Abington, Massachusetts is facing statutory rape charges after reportedly having sex with a minor more than 300 times.

    Police arrested 29-year old Christine McCallum late last week after she was accused of having sex with a then 13-year-old boy.

    The alleged victim is now 16.

    Prosecutors say the teacher became so obsessed with the teen that she took away his cell phone after he got older and started talking to girls his own age.

    McCallum, who is married, faces three charges of statutory rape.

    She was released on $10,000 bond and ordered to stay away from the boy?s family.

    McCallum was also ordered to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.

    She has been placed on leave from her teaching job in Abington, Massachusetts.
    Video here:
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    another one.... gosh
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    (Original post by Atomic Tundra)
    Video here:
    Why the embarrased face for the thread title? It wasn't you was it?
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    Why does it matter that she's blonde?
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    Why on earth are they mentioning her hair colour?!
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    what was brutal about their intercourse?
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    Where did you get the brutal bit from in the title? I read nothing of the sort in the source.
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    Where did you get brutal from?
  9. Offline

    look at her - it'd probably be pretty brutal tbf.
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    (Original post by superman19)
    Where did you get brutal from?
    over 300 times?

    13 years old?
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    she isn't that bad looking, IMO.

    i bet the thirteen year old is the envy of his mates though lol. How many 13 year olds get a piece of experienced talent? At that age, it's about fingering girls, getting a handjob, or getting a blowjob, not doing it with grown women lol..
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    I dn't know what to think though, but had their genders been reverse this would be a totally different matter.
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    (Original post by Greatleysteg)
    Why does it matter that she's blonde?
    Yes exactly :wtf?:
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    This is actually really funny!
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    I hate - hate - how people fail to treat this seriously. If it had been a 13-year-old girl raped by a male teacher, or a male teacher raping a 13-year-old boy it wouldn't have been "really funny" would it; why is it so now?
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    I guess it depends how rape is defined. And it's also an issue of when a child reaches the maturity to be able to consent to sex.

    It's possible that a thirteen year old can consent to sex, so it's not rape in the sense that she forced him to have sex against his will.
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    (Original post by rajandkwameali)
    It's possible that a thirteen year old can consent to sex, so it's not rape in the sense that she forced him to have sex against his will.
    How the **** do you know he wasn't forced? It's akin to saying that a 13-year-old girl probably consented to the male teacher's advances, and so it's all so very funny.
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    The article says she is being charged with statutory rape.

    In a general sense this means having sex with a minor under the age of consent who is post-pubescent. But this doesn't mean the minor was forced against his will to have sex. IMO, the main issue with age of consent legislation is that it's arbitrary. A legal wrong may have been done here. But has a moral wrong been done?
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    (Original post by HESA)
    I dn't know what to think though, but had their genders been reverse this would be a totally different matter.
    quoted for truth. if it was the other way around genderwise the teacher would have got a life sentance.
Updated: January 13, 2009
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