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It's common to have questions about sex, sexuality and sexual health. In this section, you can find our sexual health forum where students are sharing their own advice and experiences. You can also find articles that will guide you towards expert advice elsewhere online.

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Our sexual health forum is a place where students can ask and answer questions. If you're wondering about some aspect of sexual health, you'll most likely find a conversation about it in this forum. And you can always start up your own discussion too.

Sexual health advice for uni students

Sexual health experts from Brook and Sexpression: UK give their advice on contraception, STIs, getting tested and looking after your sexual health.

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Check out Brook's helpful tool to find sexual health services near you

Consent advice for uni students

What is consent? How do you give it? And how can you be sure that someone else has given it to you?

We asked experts from Not On My Campus for their advice about consent and healthy relationships, including how to stay safe, enjoy yourself and look after your friends, as well as where to find support if you need it.

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