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IMDB Top 250 films leaderboard - how many have you watched?

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    so will the little box update by itself then when ones been watched or do we need to keep posting a new link every so often?
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    (Original post by littleshambles)
    o mai. that's almost 2 a month!!!!111
    I download a lot of new movies....lol
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    Swear it was more than that, if it was films made in the last 5 years it'd be like 95%.

    It's all the "classic" films that i haven't seen.
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    (Original post by Andrew1991)
    so will the little box update by itself then when ones been watched or do we need to keep posting a new link every so often?
    It will update itself as long as you tick the boxes on the IMDB site.
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    :work: :work: :work:
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    (Original post by Kolya)
    You haven't seen North by Northwest either. Do you secretly have a mortal fear of Cary Grant?
    It scares me how anyone can be quite that dashing. I used to have a similar fear of Tom Cruise, but repeated exposure to Top Gun helped me overcome it.
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    93. Though It's a bit silly. You should watch what you want and not just because it's on the top 250 on IMDB.
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    (Original post by Scubar)
    it's annoying, I've got some of those on dvd, but have never got around to watching them, if I had, I could maybe break triple figures
    I'll never understand that. To me why would you get a dvd unless you're going to watch it, you know? If I get a dvd the first thing I'll do is take the wrapping off and then watch it when I have time, yet I know people who dont even take off the wrapping. :confused:
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    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    It will update itself as long as you tick the boxes on the IMDB site.
    Ahh right, Thanks
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    i got 57. a lot on there are films i just havent got round to seeing, but are on my list of ones i need to see. also some i have seen bits of but not the whole film so wasnt sure if they counted. i have seen (and own) way more films than that though, its just a lot of the films i love werent on the list.

    <a href="http://www.250films.net/list/1f963/" title="250films.net"><img src="http://www.250films.net/list/1f963/images/progress.png" alt="250films.net" /></a>
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    Not bad, actually. I'd seen 16 of the top 25 as well.
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    I do watch more films than that but they're not on the list :p: A bit of an odd list actually...
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    Not too bad :cool:
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    I expected it to be higher :/
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    (Original post by Christien)

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    what :eek:

    Ah well. I saw the social network today.. good film
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    Oh dear, but at least I've got a "to watch" list now

    There's some I've got on DVD that I've been meaning to watch - Letters from Iwo Jima and Paths of Glory are two that spring to mind. Also got a lot that I've been meaning to watch for some time now.
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    I will add these to the list, guys, in a little while :awesome:

    Keep them coming. :yy:
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    I have watched a looooot of movies but thos are reallly old , although they are mostly classics.
    I got 34/250 but im pretty sure that if you show the movies with highest box office in the past 5 years ill get 60% of it at least


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