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I'm scared I'm going to fail my GCSEs?!

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    I'm scared I'm going to fail my GCSEs?

    I'm really scared. I just had two weeks off school and I don't think I utilized it properly, I did some revision, but not as much as I should've. I went back to school on Tuesday, and basically have 5 days left of school until my first exam on May 16th. Do you think that's enough time for me to get back on track? I mean I'm not worried because I haven't learnt ANYTHING, I do listen and work hard in all my classes but I just haven't gone over everything. My main concerns are english lang/lit and additional science.

    So can I just have your thoughts, is anyone else going through the same thing?

    Do you have any tips on how I can focus?


    P.S. It is now 5pm, so don't worry, I'm logging out to revise for 5 hours lol.
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    im having the same problem. I dont no whether to write notes or read from book. I have 2 weeks left but for each of ma subjects i dont know how to revise. Notes take too long. please help...
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    English lang and lit were the easiest. No revision whatsoever and I got an A and a B. And for science, I knew nothing, absolutely nothing, I didnt go to lessons and didnt revise at all, I got C's in all 3.

    My best tip is chill out. They are only GCSE's and unless your going for medicine or oxbridge then as long as you get 5 C's including maths and english you will be fine.

    Also, try and do some science practice papers and see how well you do. Revise the things you dont get or have forgot. If you really want to revise (i only revised for maths, everything else was fluked) do it on the week of the exam, and doing 5 hour sessions is pointless. Make notes of stuff your not 100% on and carry them around, read when your on the bus or just chillin.
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    Go and revise? English Lang is easy to blag your way through if you have any sort of writing affinity and for Add science just go on BBC Bitesize and do past papers.

    How much revision did you do?
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    I feel like you right now. I am having this sort of a day:

    However, with my logical hat: I'm sure you won't. And the best thing to do is go work - that's how not to fail. Actually, I might take my own advice and get off TSR.
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    AAAHHHH <----- This is most people taking GCSE's soon. Dont panic, its good that youre worrying.
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    You seem conscientious and all, and you can pass GCSEs without any revision if you are reasonably intelligent. So worst case scenario is that you get Cs or something, and you can still go to college. Basically nowt to worry about. Wait til you get to college to worry!
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    I have the same problem I need to get a B to get into uni, however if I don't I personally think I will fail in all aspects of life - I cannot afford to take a cap year.

    The problem is memorising all the poems and the analysis of .... each......poem..... oh ye and the broad-sheet newspapers.
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    Don't worry, everyone in year 11 is feeling the same as you do. Just try to revise your hardest and do your best.
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    (Original post by Satta101)
    Don't worry, everyone in year 11 is feeling the same as you do. Just try to revise your hardest and do your best.
    And everyone in year 12, year 13, and probably at uni too. Believe me, it's a feeling you will get used to and learn to ignore :P
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    I'm in year 10 and have exams too in a bit. I think asking for help from your teachers is the best thing to do as well as obviously use time to revise.
    I'm WAY stressed for my English Lit exam, and I don't know how to revise and I'm well lazy ¬¬
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    GCSE's are ****ing easy
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    i only revised the night before most of my exams and ended up with 6 As and 3Bs.
    i know that for me i could have done better, but it got me to the next stage, and unis care more about a- levels than gcses anyway
    good luck
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    You have enough time so don't worry about that. If you paid attention in class and understood what was going on, then reading over stuff, making summarised notes, trying to reiterate the main points from memory will be enough to see you through. Don't panic, slow down and make to-do lists if necessary and tick each task off as you go along as it gives a sense of achievement and might keep you from being distracted a little bit more than if you have less of a structure.
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    (Original post by wactm)

    My best tip is chill out. They are only GCSE's and unless your going for medicine or oxbridge then as long as you get 5 C's including maths and english you will be fine.
    absolutely sound advice here.


    OP You know that feeling when you go into an exam hall and you don't know anything? **** isn't it? So revise as much as u can, you still have 2 weeks, that is plenty imo. These 2 weeks are crucial, it is not a long time and you'll reap the benefits. You know that
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    'failing to prepare means your preparing to fail' tutut
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    Sometimes we can be quite critical of ourselves, so I'm not sure if you actually could have done a bit more with your time or you are seeing more time you could have used in hindsight... this happens to most people.

    Don't feel scared, there are lots of other people in the same boat, if you have been working hard previously you should be fine with reviewing your notes, summarising and condensing to help improve recall.
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    trust me i have the same issue too. i have 5 school days left (not including today) until the first exam which is english. english language and literature are ACTUALLY quite easy to pass regarding you know all the main things to include in your essays i.e. commas, paragaraphs, correct spellings, adjectives and getting to the point without waffling on etc. however subjects like maths and science require one to sit down and revise the facts and practice practice practice. trust me nows the time to really go through past papers, go though what you don't know, revise and go back and try again. i recommend using CGP revision guides as they are really good i own at least one CGP book for each subject and its really helped me. don't worry you will pass those exams! revise but not for too long though, 30 minutes followed by a 5-10 minute break is recommended as you won't burn out. stay positive, breath when you feel stressful and remember you WILL pass those GCSEs btw they do get easier every year anyway lol so dont worry too much! hope i helped lol i've written a whole essay haha.
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    Everyone is scared they are going to fail exams. I was pretty sure I was literally going to fail all of my gcses, and I basically gave up and got overwhelmed and hardly did any revision. I passed all of them and I was really, really shocked. Just remember that nothing you can do at this point is going to ruin your life, whatever everyone tells you.

    Good luck

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    Learning to pass GCSEs are easy. Just regurgitate everything you learn. its basically one great memory test. its not untill uni that you truly learn to think for yourself.


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