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Guys - How often do you shave facial hair?

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  • View Poll Results: How often do you shave you facial hair
    every other day
    twice a week
    once a week
    once a fortnight
    I don't shave

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    I'm 15 - about once every two weeks. Otherwise my history teacher comes up to me and slaps me on the back of the neck, as I'm Asian, saying "Well done on become an Imaam.
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    (Original post by Nihilum)
    What is this shaving you speak so highly about?

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    Once a week.
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    twice a week...sometimes even once when don't feel like it
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    every other day.
    I'd like to grow a stubble cos I look like I'm 14 or something, but nothing growing on the neck so far =/ so I aim for the smooth look for now.
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    i shave every 3/4 days
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    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    ps great username for a Wiganer
    Thanks! :ahee:

    I'm too original :yep:
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    Once a week. Sometimes once a fortnight.
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    I COULD shave every day, but I don't like to and only shave for work - maybe twice a week.
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    As little as possible. I avoid shaving until it starts to get itchy so it usually ends up being once every 4 or 5 days.
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    Typically every other day - if I leave it for three days, I have seriously weird beard-beginnings on my cheeks.
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    Usually every 4 days to a week. I take it down to stubble with a trimmer as I can get a uniform stubble all over in 2 or 3 minutes so it's nice and easy. I'm lazy and let it grow to 4 or 5mm before it becomes irritating and I trim it down again. I can almost connect the bottom of my facial hair on my neck to my chest hair, but not quite yet Not a man yet.
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    Twice a week, but with a beard trimmer and at stubble level.
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    Once a week,

    Love the light stubble for a while, not hairy-faced anyways so yeah.
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    Every 3/4 days normally.
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    17, red hair.
    Need to shave every other day due to what would be a patchy beard :'(
    I have a small circular bald patch on the underside of my chin, whereas the hair grows a perfect circle around it.
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    Facial hair. So bad.
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    I like to have bit of stubble that 5clock shadow look so only need to trim it once or twice a weeks.
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    (Original post by microfatcat)
    Facial hair. So bad.
    Lol can I ask why?
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    Well I have a bet going where if I go the whole year without shaving my housemates will pay my rent, but they've been making nasty jokes towards me in an attempt to get me to cave and I'm close to quitting. It doesn't help that one of my housemates just knocked someone up as well...


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Updated: March 31, 2013
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