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Lost 93lbs (Before + after pics!)

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    Okay this is more for my own records than anything else so I have things to link to in my blog, but thought I might as well share with you guys!

    I know there are a lot of people out there wanting to know how to lose weight, or knowing they should but lacking the motivation.

    Let me tell you a little bit about me, just quickly. I've always been big. The photo that is my "before" photo isn't me at my biggest. There's probably a difference of around 4 stone between the two photos. The bigger ones are just too upsetting for me to look at, never mind post for the world to see.

    Just wanted to post these to show you that it can be done. I still have a while to before my goal weight, but if anyone wants to see pics at that point (assuming I get there) I shall post those as well when the time comes. Either in this thread or I'll make another as it'll be long dead by then.

    Here is the photo. Do excuse the "after" photo face.. that's my "I can't concentrate on holding the camera still and smile at the same time" face :P.

    You can tell the most difference on my waist. You can tell the difference in my face, too, but not on that particular photo. There are plenty more on my blog (link in sig) if you're interested.

    Also incase you're interested, the "before" photo are size 20 jeans and size 18 top. The "after" photo is a size 12 dress (although it is a big size 12, I'm under no illusions that I'm *actually* at an average size 12 just yet) from George at Asda.


    As for HOW I lost the weight, there really is no secret. I stopped eating rubbish and started exercising. But I am incredibly proud of myself, as I've struggled with my weight since I was young, and I'm so proud that I've managed to do something positive about it this time.

    I know I'll probably get some idiots posting comments like "but you're still ugly" (yes, I've had PMs saying that lol some people are lovely!!) but if this thread can motivate even one person, or give them a little push towards making them a healthier person, then it was worth posting.

    EDIT: 20/11/2011 3lbs lost, 75lbs down in total.

    5/12/2011 1lb lost, 76lbs down in total.

    EDIT: Another "progress pic". One pic taken in June, and one was taken yesterday (January 5th). Can especially see the differences in my collar bones! I didn't even know they existed in June, lol.


    First ever time wearing a dress in public, 27th January 2012:


    April 2012 edit: I am now a NORMAL BMI and have lost 89lbs altogether. I forgot about this thread but someone messaged me about it and reminded me, so thought I'd post a bit of an update. Thank you everyone, you're all fantastic.

    May 2012 edit:

    Here is a photo of 91lbs lost.




    March 2013 edit:

    I hit my ultimate goal weight in December 2012, and am doing a great job of maintaining that weight so far. I know people were a little dubious about whether I would see this through until the end, and whether I would be able to maintain my weight after that.. well so far so good I guess!
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    wow, well done!!
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    Well done! You should be proud of what you've achieved! Inspiring. Keep it up!
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    Congratulations. You are right to be proud of your achievement as you look wonderful
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    the mental change of eating healthy/living healthy is the hardest bit so kudos
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    Well done =D
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    Amazing. Congratulations - hope you reach your BMI of 22
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    Well done! =] You should be proud.
    On the left picture, you look shockingly similar to my old friend at college.
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    Well done, you look so different!
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    Massive congratulations! You look lovely
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    What a great achievement! You already look a healthy weight, I can't believe your BMI is 27
    Well done
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    solid effort.
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    You've done really well.

    EDIT: I was being serious not sarcastic at all. :confused:

    Regardless well done OP.
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    Wow, that's some commitment, keep it up hun! You look lovely, by the way!
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    Wow thank you everyone you're all so lovely. Plus comments like this really help me to keep the motivation up :-).
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    Well done, you look great!
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    Congrats! :-)
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    FTR, I think you're pretty in both photos but well done on losing the weight! How long has it taken you to get this far? I'm a bit bigger now than you are in that photo and I'm aiming to get down to a size 18 for my holiday in June and eventually to be a 16 (I have massive hips and shoulders and wouldn't look right any smaller than this!) It's slow, but it's happening xx
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    Holy macaroni! What an achievement! I really admire your dedication, well done.
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