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Worried about degree classification

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    Im a joint, which means year 2, year three (sem1) and year 3 (Sem2) or all worth exactly a third

    In year 2 i scored 56% average and in year 3 sem 1 I scored 63% average. together that means i have averaged 59% in exactly 2/3 of my degree.

    So now im really worried... this semesters work is really hard.. so if I get even C+'s then ill graduate with a 2:2... which is really frustrated, and disappointing.

    also, I am dyslexic

    Im at Bangor uni too, has anyone had any experience where they pushed their grade up?
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    Just a question im throwing out there... I applied for physiotherapy but did not get it, i was however offered sports rehab. if i take sports rehab would i be able to apply through ucas next year for physio again or am i obliged to finish the three years sports rehab?

    appreciate any feed back?
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    You can drop out after one year, but id apply first, then drop out, incase you dont get it.. apply soon in Sept/Oct so you get a quick reply. Say you did one year in sports rehab.. aim for a 2:1 for that year then u can add that to your CV
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    No ill be starting sports rehab in sept so i was thinking i myt apply to physio through ucas for physio again next year, just checking if i could!!
    I myt even try change course within the uni i will be going to, not sure if that can happen though :/

    Thanks for the reply


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