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Suggestions for pens in exams?

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    Hi guys.
    So I am in search of pens that shall aid my writing in the upcoming exams. Especially for the English Exam where I must write two essays in the space of 2.5hours, including the analysis of three unseen texts, hence I must write with speed but also my writing ought to be legible.
    Perhaps it's the way I hold the pen I'm not sure but I can't sustain writing with presentational fluency and get blisters on my hands very easily. For sciences even I can't take much notes and am forced to read since my hand starts aching very easily.
    So if you guys have any suggestion, let me know
    The only pens that I could write well with were during GCSEs these small and thick biros with a rubber grip but I can't recall the make and haven't seen them around either. So something similar perhaps?
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    Papermate Flexgrip Elite.
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    Maybe something like this? Ignore the football theme. Search "biro grip" on Amazon and there are a couple of possibilities.


    I guess you just have to try a few things and see what you like. Personally I can only write with an ink pen, but that's just because I grew up with it. Whatever you choose, practise with it for a bit up until your exam and you should be ok
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    Parker jotter pens are good! They cost around £7 but they last for about half a year and are refillable.
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    LOL at OP.

    A pen is a bloody pen. Use what you usually write with. Just don't use a pencil.
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    (Original post by yothi5)
    LOL at OP.

    A pen is a bloody pen. Use what you usually write with. Just don't use a pencil.
    Sir, you do not truly appreciate stationery.
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    BIC pens
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    A Barclays pen!
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    Bic pens are the best pens to have!
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    Fluid, Consistent and Quick Drying.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	eyemicro.gif 
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ID:	146157
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    (Original post by Luxray)
    Fluid, Consistent and Quick Drying.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	eyemicro.gif 
Views:	639 
Size:	33.5 KB 
ID:	146157
    I live by these pens.


    NUS Extra gives you 5% off, too.
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    Aah I swear by fountain pens! It keeps my writing neat and you don't have to exert much pressure (on most types of paper)
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    Berol Handwriting pens.

    Admittedly they are aimed towards six-year-olds who are learning to write, but they are really good pens
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    Any kind you like (my personal favourites are the uniball jet stream ones ) - just make sure you have plenty of spares
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    I think Staedtler biro's are best for English, the ink is really dark and yet doesn't come out too thickly.

    WARNING: avoid Papermate pens at ALL costs, I brought three last year and they all decided to run out during my Economics exam :erm:
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    I find Bic biros really good, particularly the 'fine' ones. I gave up on fountain pens a few years ago, they always broke on me! (and changing the cartridge is annoying) I'm sure there are plenty of biros with rubber grips.
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    I recently brought this one for my exams: http://www.ryman.co.uk/0825394001/Pi...l-07mm/Product . Very comfortable and smooth.

    Last year, I brought this biro, which was very good (only found out about it because I'd found a blue one of these in my science class and kept it ). I also used my Parker fountain pen but this time I had no black ink cartridges left (normally use blue) and wasn't willing to buy something I probably wouldn't use again and would have loads left over .
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    I have this dilemma but I,for some very curious and odd reason, write a lot more with free pens lol stiff like Lyca mobile pen which i robbed of some indian, who was selling me some international sim.

    guys do you this it actually matters??
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    Buy whatever you want, but do not buy ones that ink can be easily smudged. I regret it after realising half my answers weren't even readable.
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    (Original post by yothi5)
    LOL at OP.

    A pen is a bloody pen. Use what you usually write with. Just don't use a pencil.
    Completely agree.


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