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  • View Poll Results: CCTV cameras are a breach to our privacy

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    I'm currently competing my controlled assessment for GCSE Citizenship. However, an aspect of my project requires me to find views of others, which i must further record in my project. The title is pretty self explanatory, I'm covering whether CCTV is a breach of privacy.

    My project needs opinions of others, so i would really appreciate some of your views on this topic, be that anything!

    - The average British citizen is captured 300 times on average every day.

    - The UK is apparently the "most watched" country in the world.

    - Some feel that CCTV is a breach to their right to 'privacy.'

    - CCTV is increasing, yet 80% of crime is still unsolved.

    Your views are much appreciated.

    Thank you so much!

    *Only comment if you are comfortable with me print-screening le comment and attaching it to my project. K, cool.
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    Come on... My project is due tomorrow, anyone?

    Unless the CCTV is in your bedroom then no it's not an invasion of privacy.

    If you don't want people to see you go about your daily life then I suggest staying inside 24/7.

    If it is private property then it is up to the owner of that property to decide whether to have cctv or not. If he wants it, then he should be able to have it.

    On a public scale; if you're in the public domain then there's little reason I can see for not having CCTV. It can give the possibility of substantial evidence being given in court.

    Do not be put off by the 80% of crime being unsolved - that figure needs context. ~97% of all cases are dealt with in the Magistrates court, where CCTV will rarely be used by the prosecution. So some context about that figure would be helpful.

    Overall I'm in favour of CCTV, unless it is proven to be misused by the govenment/legal enforcement system.

    (Don't usually post on TSR that much, but saw not many people had replied so thought I'd lend a hand! Hope this is alright.)

    CCTV really isn't some kind of great crime-tackling tool, as people seem to think, because
    a) The images are invariably of such a poor quality that it's impossible to use them as evidence in a prosecution - simply because you can't tell for sure who's in the images
    b) Using them to direct the police to places where fights etc. are occurring relies on there actually being someone to watch the CCTV in real time. Often, it's just there with the intention that the police will be able to review it if there is an incident, and use it as evidence. But . . . see point (a).

    I don't get this whole thing with putting CCTV in schools. IMHO it's just a fig leaf for poor discipline.

    (Original post by saycrackagain)
    Come on... My project is due tomorrow, anyone?
    Shouldn't have left your project to the last minute :rolleyes:.

    (Original post by saycrackagain)
    Come on... My project is due tomorrow, anyone?
    Tip for A level: don't do dumb stuff like that again.

    I think that yes, it is an invasion of privacy. However, the read debate should be to what extent is it justifiable. If it has a sufficient reason, e.g. to solve crimes then yes, there should be CCTV. However CCTV is mostly in public areas, therefore, sensation behaviour may not be observed, as anyone in that area can see you - regardless if a camera can as well.
    Also, the massive admin costs in running the things, is it worth it? Does the cost of cameras outweigh the 'benefit' of policing the streets 24/7? Can that money be spent in a better way?

    Honestly, I think cameras are required, however, not in the frequency they are installed at. Ethical issues should be number one, in my opinion.

    As long as there is a valid reason for the use (that anybody who may need/want to find out can access easily) then I don't think there is a problem with it.


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