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Are They Any Mature Students Here? Students Over 28?

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    I'm 27 and about to finish HNC media production this month. I'll be 28 when I start uni in September. I'll be studying contemporary media practise at Westminster

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    I'm off to University of Cumbria - Lancaster to study diagnostic radiography at age 33.
    I'd originally wanted to go to Carlisle so I could commute, but after being put on the waiting list I've been offered Lancaster.

    It will be my second time at Uni, but I think this will be very different to my younger days.
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    I'll be starting a computing degree in September at the age of 34 - it's 15 years since I had any kind of formal education No idea what I've let myself in for.
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    I'm 30 and hope to be starting costume construction/interpretation in September.

    I've only just applied though and there's only a couple of places left on my two choices so it could go either way but I'm living in hope, feverishly getting my portfolio sorted out!
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    I'm 29 - starting Access to Chemistry and Biological Science in August, at which point I'll be 30. Eep!
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    I'm 40 and I will be starting a Graduate Entry Medicine degree at Newcastle in September. So excited!
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    I'm 31 And Will Be Doing A Degree In Biomedical Science In September.
    I So Wait!
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    I'm 30 and will be starting a building surveying degree at nottingham trent in october :-D
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    I'm 42 and starting Psychology at Lincoln in September. Doing the Access to HE course was the scariest thing I ever did, but I can't wait to get to uni now!
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    People on this thread, I like
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    I'm 31, and I'll be at QMUL as a film student. I'm going back for a third degree.
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    42 and doing History!
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    (Original post by lb70)

    42 and doing History!
    Ooh where?

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    Manchester Met
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    Hi , I'm 39 and going to Salford doing environmental studies

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    Over 40. MPhil History at Cambridge.
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    I'm feeling slightly better about being 30 and starting HND Technical Theatre at Swansea Met in September.

    I've got a bad feeling I'll be the crustiest person on the entire course.
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    (Original post by KCLeblanc)
    I'm feeling slightly better about being 30 and starting HND Technical Theatre at Swansea Met in September.

    I've got a bad feeling I'll be the crustiest person on the entire course.
    Don't worry about that, I started an HND two years ago (finances got on top of me at the time, hence why I'm now trying to go back in a better position) and I was in the mid range of ages, we had a few school leavers all the way up to a retired lady, it was really nice and we all integrated really well within class and on trips.

    I'm still waiting for replies from my two unis, spending every day jumping every time I get a new email and checking UCAS every 5 minutes, it's killing me!
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    Im 45 and just finished a BTEC in Applied Science, going on to do a BTEC Level 3 Animal Managment Course in September
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    29, just finished Access to Computing and going to MMU in September to do Computing.


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Updated: September 30, 2014
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