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BA Media Production - Northumbria University

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    Hey guys!

    I was just wondering if any of you are going to Northumbria this year to study Media Production?......
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    Heyy I am going to Northumbria to study motion graphics and animation in September however my boyfriend is also starting. He is doing the media production course you mentioned
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    (Original post by vickya91)
    Heyy I am going to Northumbria to study motion graphics and animation in September however my boyfriend is also starting. He is doing the media production course you mentioned
    Oh so are you in the School of design? ... oh good the first person I've found studying my course haha!
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    Yeah my course will be based in the school of design I am really excited to get started! Its got some similar modules to your course script writing and story boarding etc.

    I've told him to come on here and chat but he probably forgot! (his names Lee)

    You moving into halls?
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    Oh I hope I am in the school of Design for some of my modules, looks good! and yeah its cool haha!

    Yeah I am in New bridge street, I live here currently as I'm in my first year of another course however I changed as its not something I want to go into... Made a mistake lol! What about you ?
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    Haha similar mistake. I went strait to Leeds uni after I finished my A levels but ended up on the wrong course. After now working for a year it is definitely time to get a degree under my belt

    How is it at Northumbria city/accommodation good?
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    oh right haha! yeah same!

    The city is awesome, I'd say its similar to Leeds. The accommodation is pretty good depending on where you apply, Im at a really nice brand new 1 called New bridge street with a double bed en suite which is ideal!
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    Sounds good to me Leeds city was great. I have picked ensuite as my first choice so fingers crossed I get something as nice as that.

    What made you choose media production then ?

    Do you have a part time job up there? (lol up there makes me sound like I live miles away Newcastle is only an hour away on the train) ... Does it seem easy to find part time work?
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    yeah hopefully

    Well I love films and I've always wanted to be a part of them in someway preferably an editor or an animator so I had a look and the Media production course provides me with a lot of the sort of stuff I would like to peruse as a career

    I used to work at tucci for 2 years, its a mens clothing shop however I started University and decided to see what it would be like without a job and luckily for me It was the same as the loan and bursary I got was quite high... but yeah I's say you would have a good chance of finding a part time job definitely
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    I sat in on the talk for that course it did sound good the lecturer seemed really cool. (beard)
    Sounds like everything is finally fitting into place.

    Hmmm wish I had the luxury of a high bursary think I will only be left with like £20 a week after accommodation costs come out of my maintenance loan. Liveable but not comfortable.

    Will find something part time I'm sure.
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    oh really ? I haven't seen anyone on the course atm lol! what was said about it ?

    Yeah it should be ok you'll find accommodation to suit you and surely a part time job too
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    Heyy Jay,

    Haven't spoken in a while but I would just like to let you know, both my self and my bf have been given rooms in New bridge street! haha so excited!!


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