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Do universities take into account personal factors when giving offers?

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    Not sure if this is the right place to put this... but basically I've just started year 13 so have obviously sat all my year 12 exams, however during this year I feel that factors within my personal life have affected my exam performance negatively.

    I don't want to get into too much detail, but basically my Dad has been ill throughout this year, having seizures which doctors can't explain, he has been off work for the majority of this year causing a great deal of stress at home (can't afford the mortgage etc) and even has caused my parents to split up.

    I want to do law at university, so obviously require AAA to go to any decent university however I think I've probably got just AAB. I know this sounds like I'm making excuses (which lets be honest I am), but I wouldn't even be posting this if I didn't want to do law as much as I do and if I didn't think that I would have done better if my home circumstances had been better.

    Any answers would be appreciated, cheers.
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    My mum got diagnosed with terminal cancer in February of my year 13. Within 3 months she passed away. I emailed Sheffield Uni because thats where i wanted to go. Their process was to stamp my form as 'special circumstances'. This is because they automatically have to give everyone a place who meets the offer, and only after that can they give people with special circumstances a place. Luckily i meet my AAB offer because as it turns out they had let in far too many people in my year!! So i wouldnt have got in if i hadnt met my offer.

    So just get in touch with the Uni and tell them your situation.
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    Ah I'm sorry for your loss

    But yeah, i think I will just try emailing universities, even though my circumstances aren't as upsetting as yours.
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    (Original post by Conzy210)
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    Southampton are running a scheme where you can get in with 2 grades below everyone else if you have a decent excuse or are "underprivileged" so I'm sure other unis should be lenient!


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Updated: June 24, 2012
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