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King's or Queen Mary for LLM (rankings seem to favour QM not King's!)

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    I have the option of doing an LLM at either King's or Queen Mary.
    My initial instinct was that King's is better because of word of mouth and "general reputation" (more prestigeous). However, while on the QM wikipedia page I ran into a claim that they were better than King's in medicine and law so I decided to investigate (I am not saying wikipedia is a reliable source).

    The guardrian league table for law lists QM as 6th and King's as 9th for 2013. It also lists QM 4th and king's 10th for 2012. QM is 3rd and King's 5th for 2011.

    The Times ranks QM 7th and King's 16th in law for 2012 which seems suspicious/unrealistic (King's is relatively low, not even in the top 10). As far as I know for 2013 they both got pushed down by 1 rank. (the times rankings are more difficult to find online for free.

    According to http://www.timeshighereducation.co.u...2/top-400.html King's is 56th and QM is 127th in the WORLD (not just the UK) and this is a general ranking not in law.

    I know that what modules I will take will also impact my choice but my question would only be about general reputation (aka which one is a better uni) since prestige and reputation are very important in this field.

    My question is, at the end of the day, which one is better reputation wise? I have looked around and seen people say definitely King's but I have yet to find any evidence to support this except for "general knowlege" or word of mouth.
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    KCL has a better reputation just because it's been a Russel Group uni for god knows how long whilst QMUL was invited to join only this summer.
    So in terms of general prestige KCL is the best uni, in terms of law QMUL must be better!
    Don't pay too much attention to world rankings, I am starting an MSc in Software Engineering in October and since I'm an international student, I went online and looked for the best uni in the field: Manchester was 30th in the world and around 20-25 in any UK table league.
    The other ones before Manchester in the UK table leagues (except oxbridge) weren't even mentioned in the world rankings!
    How does that make any sense?

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    They are both excellent law schools. QMUL did amazingly in the RAE, which has helped boost its rep. Kings is a good school full stop, and I'm under the impression they're on a bit if a mission to boost themselves in the next REF.

    Depends what you are interested in specialising in, as both have different strengths.

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Updated: July 2, 2012
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