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Is it likely to be a problem socially if I don't drink at university?

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    I am hoping to apply to Cambridge but there seems to be a lot of drinking societies and something like 90% of students drink; when you factor in all of those who don't drink for religious or health reasons that leaves seemingly very few people in my situation and I am wondering if it is likely to be a disadvantage socially. I have no problem being around those who do drink but I don't want it to get in the way of both study and my relationship with other people.

    Thanks for any replies
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    I don't think it should matter as long as you let them drink that they should be fine with it :-)
    Also not drinking can be a great way of making friends as many people get fascinated if someone doesn't drink and want to get to know the person :-)
    Hope that helped :-)

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    It is something that varies from uni to uni - a friend of mine goes to Oxford and she doesn't drink, she said a lot of people DO drink but it has never really been something that has effected her social life and people don't tend to mind as long as you don't shove it down their throats or go all high and mighty about not drinking. I think the same would probably be for Cambridge.

    You'd also be surprised at how many people don't drink, particularly at universities that attract uinternational students (so Oxbridge), because there will be a fair few people who don't drink for religious reasons and a lot who don't drink because it's not a big thing in their culture or because it was previously illegal for them to drink in their country (America: from my experience Americans are either BIG drinkers or don't drink at all).

    Don't worry about it, seriously, it's not as big a problem as you think, even less so if you don't mind hanging out with people who are drinking.
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    You will be okay, just be a nice guy and smile.
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    So long as you go to all the same clubs and events, but just don't drink, then you'll be fine.

    Problems usually only arise when non-drinkers refuse to be around when others are drinking - that's a recipe for isolation. Don't worry about it, seriously, it's not as big a problem as you think, even less so if you don't mind hanging out with people who are drinking.
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    I'm not sure. Maybe if you opted for the 'quiet' accommodation option you'll find people who don't enjoy going out and who would rather stay in!

    If you were put in a flat with a bunch of crazy drunk party animals you might struggle to find things in common, and you might feel left out.
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    Don't worry mate, there was a couple of people who didn't drink at the party I went to when i was visiting an old primary school friend at Newcastle Uni and they seemed to be having as good a time as everyone else
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    When you say don't drink, do you mean you don't like to drink alcohol, or you don't like licensed venues at all.

    I'm by no means teetotal, but when out I tend to stick to non-alcoholic drinks, it doesn't effect my social situation at all. If I decided I didn't want to enter any pub or bar, that would affect my social life though.

    I may be wrong, but from the outside it looks like some societies associated with sports may place more emphasis on alcohol, but your mileage may vary.
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    i'm so glad i'm not the only person thinking this! unfortunately i'm going to Oxford Brookes, so we can't be non-drinkers together haha. I think my plan is during freshers week and big outings and stuff i'll go out and stick to non-alcoholic drinks so then i get the friendship basis, so then in the future they're more understanding and stuff.
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    Cambridge in particular has a big variety of characters, many of whom probably don't even drink at all.
    Don't do what you don't want to do. You're just pathetic if you drink because you're insecure about your ability to make friends. You don't want to be with the wrong crowd anyway.
    It's very easy to make friends at uni, especially over time once everyone is well settled into the course.
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    (Original post by amyrew)
    i'm so glad i'm not the only person thinking this! unfortunately i'm going to Oxford Brookes, so we can't be non-drinkers together haha. I think my plan is during freshers week and big outings and stuff i'll go out and stick to non-alcoholic drinks so then i get the friendship basis, so then in the future they're more understanding and stuff.
    You can still socialise without drinking lots of alchohol ; theres loads of societies to join and most hold socials, go and join some of them; then you wont have to worry about not drinking
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    Just because you don't drink doesn't mean that you can't hang around with those who do :-) I drink from time to time, and rarely get drunk drunk. You can still have fun without alcohol
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    Never been to a pub/club with a mate that is driving?

    Can't imagine it would be a problem at all.
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    Im not drinking at uni due to medical issues/ when im drunk im more of a burden and a pain and end uup having somebody look after me whereas when im sober I go out and have a laugh. Im hoping it wont be an issue but like you i have worried people will think me broing
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    I'm wondering about this too. I also don't drink, but don't seem to meet a lot of fellow non-drinkers, usually when I tell people I don't drink they look at me like some kind of alien. I hope it won't be too much of a problem at uni. I'm quite introverted, no party animal either, I prefer to stay in and watch DVDs or play video games. I don't mind socialising though as I want to meet new people.

    If people have a problem with you not drinking, they're not the sort of people you want to be around!
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    As long as your not planning on stopping anyone else drinking because you don't then you shouldn't have a problem. You can still go out and take part in social events etc, you just drink soft drinks instead of alcohol. It just means you won't have any hangovers to deal with
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    its no problem.
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    dont worry about it, and you seem like a very smart guy to choose that- well ur going cambridge uni so u are

    it shudnt be a problem, i dont drink (im muslim) and u can still have plenty of fun without drinking.
    you can socially be fine without alcohol
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    It all depends on what kind of person you are. I've been teetotal all year and I go out with my friends who drink a lot all the time, and still enjoy myself. No-one judges me for it because it's clear I'm having a good time - if I was sitting in the corner looking miserable they probably would try and pressure me to drink, however. And it could be because I'm a little bit nuts.

    I get high on life yo :cool:
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    Thanks for all the response. I have no problem with others drinking, I have a problem with people who have a problem with me drinking as all they want to do is get drunk, I find this a lot at my college unfortunately but it seem uni will be different!

    I am definately not a party animal but I have no problem with being at clubs etc if people don't mind it; I love to meet new people and socialise in as many new scenarios as I can. I am glad there seem to be people who understand that I have made the choice based on my evaluation of it and not any limiting factors.

    Thanks again


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