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head boy speeches

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    gonna go for it this year, need help with the speech, all ideas appreciated. A lot of people have said i should start with a quote or a joke, any ideas would be a lot of help. thanks.
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    - A brief introduction
    - State your purpose
    - State and explain your reasons
    - Reiterate your conclusion

    Use an appropriate style for your audience, and consider your voice, pace and posture.

    I wish you the best of luck!
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    Just be yourself, people can see straight through gimmic-y stuff and fake jokes so...just don't try too hard!

    Just start by explaining who you are, why you want to be head boy and what you plan to do if you are given the position (something including lots of drinking and parties may swing the audience :P lol)

    Good luck!

    Nicola 8)
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    thanks, that sounds really good. its on friday...in front of a year group of 300students...but im still going for it. thanks
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    Well it depends how the voting works, if it is voting by pupils it is just an elaborate popularity contest so if you are really popular you stand a good chance. If you are not that popular do a bit of a silly speech, it could pay of maybe put some jokes in there. If it is decided by the teachers show of how great you are and do a serious speech about why you want to be head boy.
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    headboy lol. not really related to this but out headboy didn't even have to do a speech. he said he didn't want to so the head girl just did hers. he was only chosen cuz he's black so on the front on the prospectus there would be one black boy one white girl. i'm not being racist by the way, he didn't do any school stuff anyway but he did get us free snacks and unlimited pool table access!
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    Starting with a quote is fantastic.I always begin my essays with one and I threw one in at our own head girl interviews. It gives direction and shows research. It can be funny and thought provoking, which will make the Headmaster remember you. However, don't make it sound as though you;'re reciting 16th century verse! Be as earnest as possible.
    Mention your superb time management and organisational skills.
    Explain how you want to benefit the school and not your own career prospects!
    Good luck
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    I don't know how it works at your school but in mine Head Girl (which I am) and Head Boy are part of the Management Team....Which is basically ten of us who organise the events for the sixth form; parties, the leavers ball, design and create the yearbook, fundraising events, buy things for the common room/sixth form block and organise fun events for the sixth form etc. We also pay for all this ourselves through funraising (we started without a penny and have had to work hard to raise money for all this). A handful of us are also expected to help out at school events (parents evenings, presentation evenings etc) and Head Boy/Girl have to always be there to be "front of house" as it were...with generally one of us making a speech.

    If this is what your school is like then...not to scare you off...but I warn you that it is a lot of extra work to handle on top of your A-levels. At the start of the year it's ok but as it gets to round about now it can be a lot to deal with...especially if your hands on like I am, I mean theres 10 of us in our group yet there are at least half of the team who never are active in doing anything, more often than not the same 4 or 5 people end up doing everything and it can be a drain! You wouldnt think organising events would take as long as it does! lol, but I'm sure your school is much better than mine!

    And also...if the only reason you wanna be Head Boy is to look good on your uni app (which yeah it does look a bit better if you are than if your not) then remember...there's thousands of Head Boy/Head Girls out there so it's not always as prestigious as you'd think lol. But if you actually want to make a difference then go for it!

    I just thought I'd share my experience ... like I say I'm sure that your school if much better than mine. Best of luck!!

    Nicola x
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    just want to say I won! thanks everyone!
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    Congratulations :party:
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    (Original post by ian_rider)
    just want to say I won! thanks everyone!
    Ohh great

    I now understand why your having to organise the Year Book and Prom.. :p:
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    (Original post by ian_rider)
    just want to say I won! thanks everyone!
    Did you dazzle them with your... wits???
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    Fantastic, well done! *applause*
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    well, congrats......the thing is, even i need to make a speech
    so can you plz email me yr head boy speech, justr for reference


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