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Choosing first year accommodation

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    Leeds is my first choice to study Law next year but I have no clue which accommodation to apply for! I definitely would want self-catering, preferably with an en-suite as opposed to a shared bathroom, and I would be prepared to pay slightly more for nicer facilities.
    I don't know whether to apply for halls on/near campus or off campus as I would like somewhere where there is a student community and a lively atmosphere. Hopefully someone will be able to suggest the best place!

    Before I write anything else:
    Everyone is different. Everyone will value different things, and everyone will prefer a slightly different accommodation. Whatever we tell you can only be taken as a rough guide!

    That being said self catered, en-suites are easy to come by. You mentioned money isn't really a huge driving factor (though from what I can tell there isn't a MASSIVE mount of difference in rooms in each accommodation, none of them are the horror story digs you hear about from friends!)

    As you're studying law you'll probably spend a lot of time in the Liberty building. This means that 'central village' will be on the other side of campus and not actually that much closer than some of the off campus accommodations. On that side of campus you have the Tannery and Sentinel Towers about 0.6/0.7 miles walk away. Both are around £120/£130 a week including bills, both are self catered and en-suite. I live in Sentinel and love the place. Some people find it a bit too 'quiet' sometimes, but there is a common room, and honestly you're a 5/10 minute walk from the Headrow, the main shopping street. The Tannery is just across the road.

    Be a bit wary about some of the images on the website, a few could definitely do with being updated, I was pleasantly surprised when I moved in to find nicer furniture than I had expected!

    If the party element is vital to you (though note that most people only pre drink in their flats and go to the clubs, house parties tend to be a second/third year thing) then CV and Leodis have more of a reputation for it. Though again some people say it is lively, some say they haven't experienced that. It really depends on your flat! Though Leodis is rather a walk to the Liberty building (not massively but more so than some other places).

    Realllly close to the building are Henry Price residences (with the en suite to two people, with a door on either side, shared with same gender) and large galley kitchens. Could roll out of bed 5 minutes before your lessons and make it though,
    Also from what I can tell CitySide is going to be nearish CV so that's also an option you could look at. But as it is new this year, not a whole lot of information I can give you on there! Nice new rooms and furniture I guess!
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    That helps a lot thank you very much!
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