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RAF or A levels

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    Hi, if you've seen my previous post I'm still a bit unsure on what I would wish to join but I'm wondering if I was to join the RAF Reg should I do my apprenticeship or should I do my a levels then join (not as an apprenticeship) thanks

    A levels then join? Then if it doesn't work out or you decide you want a change in the future you can fall back on your a levels.

    You will have to have your parents permission to join at 16. I would recommend contacting your AFCO and trying to go on an acquaint course with the Raf Reg and/or Marines/Paras since they are very different infantry roles. They will run you ragged so make sure you are fit. Despite what the RAF tell you, getting civilian recognised qualifications in the RAF Reg is difficult. Most of the course you go will be weapon systems but there are some driving and leadership courses as well. Doing A levels before won't put you at any disadvantage, some new joiners will be in their 30's and A levels will potentially be career enhancing in your future career. Bear in mind that in the RAF Reg promotion is painfully slow with an average time of almost 7 years to make CPL and almost 14 years to make SGT, but other internal opportunities are available such as transfer to air crew or loadmaster which are only recruited internally.

    (Original post by Kevlar123)
    but other internal opportunities are available such as transfer to air crew or loadmaster which are only recruited internally.
    Er. Not true. WSOp is recruited externally and if they're roles somebody wants they should apply directly for them.

    Re-mustering to a different trade is possible, but it's harder and there are limited opportunities.

    I would do your A-levels first. I think the extra maturity helps a lot.

    Why the RAF reg? You could do anything, be anything, specialise in anything (if you get the right qualifications), and you have picked the RAF reg. Why?

    If you've got a brain in your head (which I guess you have being on a student website,) then look at the Royal Marines if you want to be in a infantry job but with the ability to specialise in many different things. If not, get a trade in the RAF, Navy or Army. Signals, logistics, engineers, chefs. Something that wont bore you to death.

    Unless sitting around a base looking busy and spending Friday afternoons weapon cleaning (even though you haven't been on the ranges for weeks) for the rest of your career is something you actually want to do?

    The RAF reg have a role in the armed forces, yes. But I fail to see why anybody in their right mind would WANT to join the RAF reg as a first choice job.
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Updated: May 4, 2016
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