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Ladies, your thoughts on Asian guys?

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    Listen man.. i have seen too many posts about this women are attracted to confidence and unfortunately alot of asian guys are too scared to even approach a girl i was the same till a few years back i used to think im too ugly and girls out there dont like asians till i decided to man up go to the gym take pride in my appearance and grow some balls to talk to a girl...to then realise the story is quite different i have managed to attract girls of all races..... im pakistani btw

    I am an asian myself and also grew up in asia, but my family (mum and dad) are actually very supportive and doesn't impose that I should date/marry any specific type/race of girl. All they want is someone who can look after me (i.e. when I am ill) and who's loyal and committed to protect our relationship through thick and thin (cause there will always be challenges up ahead that could shake both of you off together), but most importantly they want someone that I am happy with, after all I will be the one who will marry the girl, so final decision should always boil down to me.

    (Original post by Dan.N)
    Since I came here to study, my parents said that they don't care what girl I go for, as long as we feel happy and okay about each other(we are atheist btw). I do find girls of all races attractive, even white Brit girls, but I'm not any whitewashed or begging for white wife/gf...etc. Those guys are embarrassing us, by whining and begging such sensitive things. I just go for a girl who is compatible with me, that's it.


    Maybe it's because you are an atheist. But understand that that is still rare.

    So much generalisation and garbage in this thread.

    Truth is, if you're physically attractive and socially adjusted within the group of people/girls you socialise with, you'll do fine.

    I couldn't care less what preconceived notions a girl has about 'Asians' (which is far too general a group to begin with), especially if they're not true about me.

    (Original post by loveleest)
    Maybe it's because you are an atheist. But understand that that is still rare.
    Hmmm, I will admit that my parents are a combination of both traditional-conservative and open-minded-innovative. My father went to different countries across the world for his career and study so he understands the lifestyles of Western ppl. However, since they don't live in foreign countries for long so they still have some negative preferences and prejudices against some specific ethnics and races, sadly. I myself also misunderstood lots of things before I came to UK.

    I really doubt if religion truly has anything to do with this? Or maybe it's because I'm from a country where most ppl have no religion, so I don't see the effects of religions on this issue.
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Updated: August 20, 2016
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