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    Hello there,

    (you can skip to last para) As a brief of my situation, I have been considering medicine as a possible career path for quite a while. However, during last month, July, I had a weeklong work placement in a hospital. I enjoyed most of the aspects, but I felt medicine is not a field for me. I didn't quite enjoy going to wards - which is a main part of a doctor. I then talked my situation thru with my family and etc - have concluded to try for dentistry.

    For dentistry I have done some basic research at this point, I may be wrong but most universities (all good ones) ask for 2 weeks worth of work placement at a dentists. The deadline for dentistry applications is 15th October, I don't think I have time left to do one. I have work placements, including at the NHS shadowing doctors but I don't think this is passable here.

    + most universities require English Language at a grade B minimum. As for me, not due to my academic inability but school to blame for, I achieved for English language a grade C (and a grade B in English Literature) . As a background, I was put into lower sets for all subjects - including to have been put in for IGCSE English and not GCSE, IGCSE English you are not able to achieve higher than a C grade (considering I was a top student and highest achiever of my English class too), when I joined BGHS in year 11.

    I am now aiming to do dentistry (applying for 2017). Do you think I'm too late in making this decision? Aren't I tight on time. I don't know if I should give up now or not?
    Lastly, what may a way round all mentioned above?

    Thank you! (I hope I didn't bore you to death)

    If you meet the entry requirements and have done the required work experience go for it. Unless you have extenuating circumstances you won't be able to get round not meeting the requirements.
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Updated: August 9, 2016
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