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Financial Support with part time BSc Comptuing & IT

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    Morning all!

    For a few years I've been really thinking about doing a degree with the open university, and I'm going for the part time BSc in Computing & IT with a second subject in design starting in Oct 2016.

    The last year has been a struggle financially due to losing my job & a battle with depression and an emerging personality disorder so I have no savings, a baby due in November and I live with my partner in a council property.

    I have applied for a full tuition fee, but I'm not sure what other support the OU offer when it comes to grants etc - the only things I can find are pre-2010 and very vague parts on their website.

    I currently receive employment and support allowance (support based), and technically I am not disabled as I am having counselling and have been estimated to be out of the system within the next 6 months, so a disabled student grant is not an option.

    I have seen the Study Support Fund (which you can't apply for until the course starts?)
    Does anybody have some information on this?

    Are there any other options for grants/loans (other than covering the cost of the course)?

    Apologies for my lack of knowledge on all of this!

    PS. I will be looking for part time work during the course, but I would like to finish my counselling and get my head in the right place before I take on too much again - hence finally going for this course!

    Thanks in advance!

    Happy Saturday!

    Info on the Study Support Fund can be found here:

    Aside from the DSA, I think it's all the further support currently offered. Here's a more detailed page on options:

    Hmm. It doesn't seem to like direct links. Go to the Help Centre, click on Planning, Enrolling, and Paying for Studies, then Funding Your Studies, then Support For Living Costs.
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Updated: August 13, 2016
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