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Have you ever given money or food to a homeless person?

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    (Original post by Natalierm2707)
    I have never given money or food to a homeless individual personally, but I have given money to the shelters and charities which help them. I personally think its better to give the money to the charities as then at least you know it is going to definetly be used on the food, water, clothing and shelter for the homeless rather than for other things.

    My local town centre has signs in shop windows saying: "give to the charities, dont feed the habit", think its a bit harsh but the message is of course the right one.
    well as someone who has actually been homeless, i can confirm that if you give to the shelters, it really doesn't help the homeless individuals directly. as much as we may wish otherwise

    I've bought hot chocolate for a homeless man

    (Original post by john2054)
    well as someone who has actually been homeless, i can confirm that if you give to the shelters, it really doesn't help the homeless individuals directly. as much as we may wish otherwise
    Sorry to hear about your past experiences, hoping your in a better place now?

    This has always been a massive issue for me, I do make sure I give to the shelters which are doing the good work though, like giving to the local homeless shelters which provide hot meals for anyone who needs one for example.

    I have the problem of not knowing where my money would be going if I gave to a homeless person and I wouldnt want someone to use it for anything which could cause them more problems. I would consider giving food to the homeless, but If I give to one I have to give to everyone (you cant pick and choose can you really) and with there being so many in manchester it is very hard.

    Many years ago when I was earning plenty and when I still lived in Manchester I was walking in St.Anne's Square. It was a bitterly, bitterly cold day. There was a guy sitting in a doorway, head bowed. He wasn't even asking people for money. He was just sitting there ,with a plastic cup at his feet, looking pretty much like he was at the end of his tether. I gave him £50; two twenties and a tenner. I'll never forget the look on his face; it was as if all his Christmases had come at once. I can't remember now what he said to me. Now I was very aware that he could have blown every penny of it on drugs and drink, but just because I had given him a fair bit of money didn't mean I was in any way in a position to lecture or advise him on what to spend that money on. I would like to think he bought himself a hot meal and hot drink and saved the rest for the rest of the week. When I walked past the same spot five minutes later he was gone. I often think of him,actually. Something about him just got to me that day.

    By the way can I also add, when I left my violent alcoholic boyfriend here in Northern Ireland when I became pregnant and moved back to Manchester I went to the local priest at my local Catholic church for help. It really didn't matter to him whether I was actually a Catholic or not. I had left a violent alcoholic and had chosen to walk away for the sake of my unborn baby. He took my telephone number. I had been offered a one bedroom council flat and I took it. Within three days I had been given brand new baby clothes, really good quality furniture for my flat, including a lovely solid wood chest of drawers and £200 in cash. All from well wishers from the local church who wanted to help out a stranger. I would say to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to contact their local church. It doesn't matter which denomination they are or if you have never attended a church service in your life or even if you don't believe in God or not. No-one will judge you or ask you any questions. But a local church can only help someone if you ask for the help.
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