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Back and forth with the Migrant Worker Team and evidence

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    Hello. I have applied for fee funding in May. My passport is from Colombia, but my husband is from Bulgaria and since my Residence Permit states that I have EU rights I applied as an EU student. Back then the evidence they asked from us was: my passport, my husband's passport and my residence permit to prove my EU rights. Few days later I received all of our documents back and a letter saying that they will contact me once my application have been assessed.

    After waiting for almost three months, I decided to call Student Finance and try to check the progress of my application. The first time I called one of the advisors told me that since I was currently working, my case had been transferred to the EU Migrant Worker Team and that I needed to send them copies of my last three months payslips along with a cover letter, I said to him that I also had my P60 but he said it was no necessary. I did as he said, and then almost two weeks later, when I logged into my account there was a message saying that I needed to send more evidence and asking me to send a copy of my P60. I called SF again and this time the advisor puts me on hold and then says that I needed to send a copy of my P60, I told him that I already sent copies of my payslips, he puts me on hold again and then says that I don't need to send my P60, that my evidence was being processed and that I should check my SF account on the 16th of August for an answer.

    I logged in again on the 16th of August waiting for an answer, however it was still showing me a message saying that I need to send a copy of my P60!!! I called SF again and the advisor put me on hold for several times coming up with a different answer every time. In the end she says that they will send me a letter stating what the next steps are...

    A Couple of days later I got a letter dated from the 11th of August stating that "In order to make a decision regarding your eligibility for spouse of a migrant worker status, we require the following evidence:"

    - A copy of my husband's contract of employment. (OK)

    - Copies of my husband's last three months payslips. (OK)

    - A copy of our Marriage Certificate. (It's from Colombia but it's translated and notarized)

    - Original evidence of your UK Home Office status from 01/09/2013 to 04/03/2015. This needs to include any Visas or Residence Permits.
    I first came to England on the 28/12/2013 on a Student Visa starting on the 27/12/2013 until 27/06/14.

    - Details of your residence from the 01/09/2013 to 28/12/2013.
    At that time I was living in Colombia and doing all the paperwork to get my Student Visa.

    - Evidence and Reason to your Temporary absence from the UK from 20/06/2014 to 15/03/2015 when you were in Colombia.
    My Student Visa was due to to expiry on the 27/06/2014 therefore I had to go back to Colombia to apply for my EEA Family Permit which I got on the 04/03/2015.

    - A NARIC report to show the level of qualification that I gained back in Colombia.
    I did a Graphic Design course after High School in Colombia, however it was not a Uni degree... Is this relevant and necessary?

    I really want to know if I'm eligible for the fee funding providing the evidence that oil have and if its going to be possible for me to start a foundation degree this year, if it's the case that I'm not when will I become eligible?

    Kind Regards.
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Updated: August 22, 2016
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