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A*/A grade - is it okay to be dissapointed?

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016

    (Original post by BioStudentx)
    the girl going over 90% was a possible Cambridge applicant. And yes, if they'd worked harder they wouldn't have got Us. It's amusing how they're offended at other people being upset over their grades when people with Us hardly revise. Surely the person who put in more blood, sweat and tears has more of a right to be upset?
    Nah she was applying to Birmingham she was just a cow lol, don't just make assumptions to justify some randomers sh*tty behaviour. And yeah the people who got U's probably should've worked harder but it doesn't justify her rubbing it in their faces.

    (Original post by howitoughttobe)
    Nah she was applying to Birmingham she was just a cow lol, don't just make assumptions to justify some randomers sh*tty behaviour. And yeah the people who got U's probably should've worked harder but it doesn't justify her rubbing it in their faces.
    Oh please, you're really coming across as bitter. How does her being upset over her results mean she's rubbing it in other peoples faces... Whether or not my friend got a U or a E, i'm fully allowed to be upset I didn't manage to get an A* in my A level physics. If we lived life under the rule of "he's worse off, so you're not allowed to complain" then everyone in this country should shut their mouths.

    It's not wrong. The principle of very working hard for something and in the end not being able to achieve it is disappointing, despite the grade you got anyway still being very good. I completely understand why people are disappointed if it's what they worked very hard for, as long as they're still happy and recognise that an A is a very good grade.

    I would however recommend not sharing your disappointment with other people, as it can make other people feel worse about their own grades and its generally not something people like to hear. Keep it to yourself

    It's perfectly fine to be disappointed with it. You were aiming for a certain grade and you didn't obtain it - naturally you will be somewhat disappointed. However portraying this disappointment as if it is the worst thing that happened probably isn't the best thing to do. A lot of people would be very happy with an A and for someone to be disappointed with it, they may feel stupid by the fact they can't even get a grade that someone thinks is bad (which obviously is not true)

    So it's fine to be disappointed, in fact it's a good thing because it means you aim very highly, just don't publicly display this disappointment.

    (Original post by Alicehatha)
    This may sound snooty and seem unappreciative and think I'm up myself, but is it okay to be disappointed in an A grade instead of an A*? I know if I got an A I would be proud and I know it's a great grade, but I'm such a perfectionist and I know that I am able to get the A* grade due to previous mocks. I've put so much work in so to get an A (in certain subjects at least) would feel disappointing and though I haven't done what I knkw I can. Is it okay to be disappointed or am I just being annoying and rude?
    i mean... it's only annoying if you mention this around someone who got genuinely (not to ignore your point) bad grades. i had a friend like this once and it made me feel quite sh*t about my grades because i was trying so hard and continuously getting Bs/Cs.

    but it's okay to be disappointed! especially when it's a bullsh*t paper/grade boundary that invalidated your hard work. i'm doing better with my grades now and i'm disappointed when i don't get the highest mark i think i'm able to get.

    i think it's just a case on who you express it in front of whether it's being rude/it's accepted. but don't avoid the disappointment! you can only improve if you acknowledge that you can do better.

    I don't think it's wrong at all!
    I sound very much like you- a perfectionist who knows they are capable of A*s. People have the right to be upset with them selves regardless of that grade or percentage they get. Everyone has their own expectations of themselves; some may just want a C while others strive for 90%/95% on everything. Just because you get an A doesn't mean you lose the right to be disappointed!
    As for people saying that some would love to get all As that's true, but there are also people who would love to get all Cs or all Ds. You are always going to get people who would be happy to have your grades irrelevant of what they are!!

    Anyway good luck!! I'm sure you've got your A*s!!

    It is absolutely okay to be disappointed. I certainly am. You didn't get the grade you were hoping for/expecting and worked damn hard for. How can you not be disappointed?
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Updated: August 25, 2016
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