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Are my GCSE grades insufficient for Medicine at Cambridge?

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    9A*s, an A, and a B . Also an A in Additional Maths.
    The majority (7) were IGCSE's. Also received 99% in one or two subjects.

    B recieved in English Language was completely unexpected, and am looking to get a remark as 3 marks off an A (if not, potentially retake)

    I also come from a very smart independant school, where around 9% of the year group got straight 10A*'s and 11A*'s. I am a major half scholar, which is to around 8% of the year, but was clearly unable to play up to my normal standards...

    Provided I get my game up this year, getting extremely strong results for AS and A Level, BMAT, and also read around widely, am I still up with a chance for Cambridge?

    A Levels (/AS) are Biology, Chemistry, Religious Studies and Maths. I enjoy, and am strong in all of them, so perhaps may have a relatively more inspiring experience than GCSE's, where I felt limited because I wanted to explore them more deeply, but did not have enough time, as spread out thinly.

    How would London medical schools, such as UCL or Imperial, view these grades?

    Reason for applying to these strong universities is based on the course, which has a strong scientific base in teaching. I'd like to conduct research as a doctor, and practice academic medicine.

    Thanks very much to everyone in advance

    I dont see why not you seem to have put the hard work and got excellent grades I dont think the one B will let you down a lot, do good at A levels and you'll be fine.

    Cambridge don't care as much about GCSEs as Oxford so don't really compare your GCSEs to the rest of your schools like Oxford does. What you really need to aim for is a high % average UMS at AS for Cambridge

    They're only one part of your application, but they're fine. There are a few med schools which want an A for English at GCSE, but Cambridge isn't one of them, so it shouldn't cause you any problems. Now you just have AS, BMAT and an interview to sort out!

    I think those GCSEs are still very good. I wouldn't let it put you off applying to Cambridge.
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Updated: August 26, 2016
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