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Literature of mice and men 'short review thing'

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    Hi I just wrote this for no reason

    John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’, whilst only short, covers a wide range of themes within the context of The Great Depression – a time of intense struggle and a world away from the American dream George and Lennie both desire. The story gradually becomes more chaotic and peaks as George makes the decision to shoot his best friend, a choice which we can imagine changes George’s life completely thereafter. One theme I found to be of particular interest was how the normal prejudices of the time were intensified in this time of scarcity. Rather than unifying the ranch members, people are divided. Crooks is still segregated due to his skin colour, Curley’s Wife is seen as ‘jailbait’ due to her femininity and Lennie is targeted by both Curley and by a world which does not support mentally ill people. As the novel progresses, tension is built through the character Curley – a man whose anger and position on the ranch directly threatens George and Lennie’s ability to survive. In conclusion, I really enjoyed this novel. I thought it was clever how Steinbeck both starts and ends the action in the brush, a calm landscape which is of stark contrast to the gruelling human brawl for survival.
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