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The 'I'm Coming to Exeter' Thread

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    I'm coming. Staying in a single enhanced lafrowda and doing Maths. Can't wait :woo:
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    This time tomorrow I'll be in Exeter :s Soooo excited/nervous/sad/happy. Going to miss all my friends sooo much but can't wait to meet some new people!
    Weirdddd mix of feelings!
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    (Original post by Mukti)
    I'm coming....doing Maths and Finance!
    Just found out that I got Point Exe...but dont have any u find out through post??
    And does anyone know much about it??
    In case you hadnt found it already - there's a point exe thread it looks nice. Cya around I expect! Im in point exe too
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    Hello everyone I'm going to exeter in cornwall next year and I'll be studying RE. I just made a facebook group for all cornwall freshers 2009 so please join it I am the only member so far and I'm lonely!!!
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    I am definitely going to Exeter! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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    (Original post by Last Summer's Dream)
    I am definitely going to Exeter! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    well done

    picked ur accomodation yet?
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    I have finally accepted my offer to study Psychology at Exeter.
  8. Offline

    I accepted drama, woo!
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    Physics ( if i get the grades)
  10. Offline

    Radiography for me If it all goes well of course
  11. Offline

    Biological and medicinal chemistry if all goes according to plan
  12. Offline

    Psychology for me assuming i get the grades. =]

    1. Pennsylvania court
    2. Hope Hall
    3. Holland Hall
  13. Offline

    anyone apply for sport science?? or is it just me?
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    (Original post by hypocritmt)
    Physics ( if i get the grades)
    I will hopefully be joining you, whether that is a good or bad thing for you however is yet to be decided xD
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    Starting to get excited!
    Exerter unconditional in the autumn for Law with European Study!
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    Conditional for French BA, 4 years. Hopefully coming next year assuming exams go to plan. Anyone else doing French?!
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    Archaeology and history combined if I get the grades I sooo hope I get in, I love Exeter so much. Do people know what accommodation they're going into then? Have they got back to you if you have already applied? x
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    (Original post by gayle1234)
    Conditional for French BA, 4 years. Hopefully coming next year assuming exams go to plan. Anyone else doing French?!
    I'm doing French and Spanish, but I'm taking a gap year first.
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    Economics and Finance wooP.
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    (Original post by gayle1234)
    Conditional for French BA, 4 years. Hopefully coming next year assuming exams go to plan. Anyone else doing French?!
    BSc French and Mathematics! ^^

    And I applied for Lafrowda Enhanced, because I is well cool (Y)


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Updated: July 21, 2015
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