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GCSE English - Creative Writing Coursework - Help!

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    I am private candidate intending to sit AQA GCSE English Language in June '09. I have read the syllabus for the explore, imagine and entertain coursework, and have a rough idea of what is involved. But really what I am interested in knowing is specifically, what the examiners are looking? Being a private candidate I don't have any teachers to ask. What advice did your teachers give you? Please help...
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    When I took the English Language GCSE a few years back, we were given a topic to study (For us, it was the Holocaust and watched Schindlers List.), and we had to write a short story imagining we were there. I assume because you're a private candidate you won't get to do this, and therefore you'll have to choose what to do it on?

    If you give me a bit more information I'll try to help a bit more
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    Go to the AQA Specification for English and then go to page 59; there you will find the Assessment criteria for what the examiners are looking for in Original, creative writing.

    Read through it and make sure you follow it.

    If you still need help, I can provide you with some coursework exemplars.
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    Arghhh I'm finding this piece of coursework so hard. I hate English.
    Personal writing anyone?


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