• International study: your guide to studying abroad

    Your guide to studying abroad
    Why study abroad

    Where do you want to study abroad?

    Study in the USA


    The most popular destination in the world for UK and other international students to study at. The USA offers thousands of universities for you to choose from, each offering interesting and useful courses recognized worldwide.

    Study in Australia


    Australia has everything you could want; sun, beaches and exciting cities, plus you'll get a world-class education with some universities being recognised as world leaders in sport science, conservation, geology, and marine biology.

    Study in China


    China may be one of the world’s cheapest places to study but that doesn’t mean you won’t get an incredible education. Studying in China allows you to experience an entirely different culture, meet some fantastic new people and learn the world’s most widely spoken language.

    Study in France


    France offers incredible food, a beautiful country and a high quality, highly competitive education. Conveniently located close to the UK, France offers affordable tuition fees making it popular with international students from all over the world.

    Study in the Republic of Ireland

    Republic of Ireland

    As a popular European base for big companies such Facebook, Google and Apple, the Republic of Ireland offers great employment opportunities after graduation as well as being a beautiful and sociable country, popular with students from all over the world, particularly the UK.

    Study in Denmark


    Universities in Denmark offer the perfect mix of free tuition fees and access to modern facilities and a high quality education. As a country Denmark is safe, friendly and free-thinking meaning it’s welcoming and very popular with international students.

    Study in Canada


    Spending more on education than any other G8 country, Canada’s universities offer excellent degrees, recognised all over the world, whilst also allowing students to have a vibrant and exciting social life through promoting events for societies and sports clubs on campus.

    Study in Spain


    For an exciting social life, incredible weather and a beautiful country, Spain is the place to study abroad. But as much as Spanish students love to have, they also know how to work hard as Spain is home to the world’s oldest university.

    Study in New Zealand

    New Zealand

    With an education system which is respected all over the world and courses designed specifically to teach you loads of transferable skills, New Zealand is a fantastic place to study for the adventure, sports, research opportunities and their encouragement of independent thinking.

    Study In The Netherlands

    The Netherlands

    The Netherlands offers affordable tuition fees, convenient travel to and from the UK and a strong student community. With four universities in the world ranking’s top 100, Dutch universities are focused on providing a high quality education whilst still encouraging students to be sociable and have fun.

    Study in Italy


    Italy has one of the top 10 economies in the world making it a great place to look for jobs after you’ve graduated. Plus it has some of the best food, wine, fashion and art in the world meaning you’re sure to love the time you spend there.

    Study in Sweden


    Swedish universities are some of the easiest places to fit in to; most people are bilingual so there’s unlikely to be much of a language barrier, plus their Student Unions are always encouraging students to join in with clubs, sports and other campus-based activities meaning there’s loads of great opportunities to meet new people.

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