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Vectors help plz

two racing boats set out from the same dock and speed away at the same constant speed of 115 km/h for half an hour (0.500 h), the blue boat headed 27.6° south of west, and the green boat headed 37.9° south of west. during this half-hour (a) how much farther west does the blue boat travel, compared to the green boat, and (b) how much farther south does the green boat travel, compared to the blue boat? express your answers in km.
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To upload images from your pc you need to use the icon that looks like a camera with a '+' symbol... And tbh I dont think it likes png files even though it says it does, you might need to convert to jpg.

I'd draw a sketch, and then calculate the cartesian coordinates of the boats after the 1/2 an hour, you may as well assume they start from (0,0)
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You could do a polar coordinate and have things in terms of velocity and time, but its just two lines emanating from the origin and after 1/2 hr, draw a right angled triangle to see the difference in x and y.

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