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Help! Cambridge/ oxford applicants

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    Hi Guys,

    I wanted to know if these GCSE grades are good enough for Cambridge or Oxford. Thank you.

    Maths: A
    Statistics: B
    English Lan: B
    English Lit: A
    C Science: B
    A Science: A
    Citizenship: B
    German: B
    Electronic Products D&T: A*
    Religious Studies: A
    OCR ICT: Distinction (3As)
    OCR Business: Distinction (2As)
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    They're not the best seen for an Oxbridge applicant but you have 1 A* so you definitely have a chance. It also depends a lot on the subject you applied for, your AS grades and your predicted A2 grades. If you feel that your school didn't offer you a great education, they also make an allowance for bad schools, so your application will be "flagged"
    What subject/s are you thinking for applying for, out of interest?
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    hey thanks for the reply
    I wanted to study LAW got 4As predicted at A2, what do you reckon - any better Uni for LAW
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    I think it depends on course and university - I've heard Oxford look quite critically on GCSE grades, whereas Cambridge places far more emphasis on modular AS scores. Either way, high enough AS modular scores would still give you a running chance - your GCSE's won't be as high as the majority of others applying, but are by no means bad and can be compensated for by strong performance at A Level.


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