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My 10 most overrated films ever

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    the sixth sense - it was SO obvious he was dead
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    Citizen Kane.
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    Harry Potter! Not as good as the books.
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    Donnie Darko. So ****ing boring.
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    avatar is good but not that good.
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    it was all right... to be honest I've expected something different
    quite boring in many parts
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    Inception. Horrible film.

    Matrix films.
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    (Original post by Soph.Jade)
    the sixth sense - it was SO obvious he was dead
    Not if you're 10 years old... It blew my mind! lol
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    The Hangover was good but they milked it with II last year, and III (due next year)
    Lord of the Rings
    Star Wars
    Wall-E - the most overrated film ever - it was bad!!!
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original was great, but the remake with Jonny Depp no)
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Click - I love Adam Sandler films but was left disappointed by this

    I am expecting a lot of thumbs down for this list
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    War of the worlds was crap! I remember hearing kids at school saying what an amazing film it was but I thought it was dreadful.

    I agree with the OP about 'The Fighter'. I was SO looking forward to that film because I love Christian Bale and I also quite like watching boxing. I was hoping it might be sort of similar to 'Ali' with Will Smith but it was basically a family arguing constantly about crap. There were very few actual boxing scenes, Christian Bale looked emaciated too so there wasn't even anything nice to look at! lol

    I also agree with the reasoning regarding 'Groundhog Day' although I'm not sure how it would have worked with him being a drug dealer or a murderer as it was a family film and I think it's quite an enjoyable film to watch if you just take it on what it is and avoid looking into it too much.

    I personally absolutely loved pans labyrinth..

    One of the best films I've seen lately would have to be 'True Grit' with Jeff Bridges. That was a really great film. Also I love the film 'city of angels' with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan and I'm surprised at how few people have seen it!

    The Shawshank Redemption was and still is a brilliant film but I always preferred The Green Mile and never really understood why The Shawshank Redemption always seemed so much more popular.

    Interview with a Vampire is another underrated one in my opinion. I've only seen it because my Mum made a lot of costumes for the main characters in it who are played by Brad Pitt (before he was really famous), Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas. Kirsten Dunst was also in it as a child actress but her costumes were made by somebody else. It's such a great film with a brilliant story line, great acting etc. and very few people I know seem to have seen it!
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    Lord of the Rings - return of the king (if i haven't mentioned it already)

    Anything by Quentin Tarantino
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    (Original post by y2k1)
    9. Avatar. ****ing terrible. Never been so uncomfortable watching a film before. The 3d was crap and the plot and dialogue was even worse. Oh but look at the pretty graphics!
    Have you ever been to the cinema? If you had said the 3-D in transformers 3 was crap, then yea. but this is just a joke. and you are right the story wasn't the best or most original. but you know what, it's the experience that counts.

    if it wouldn't i wudn pay for it. so to me you don't even understand cinema so in what position are you to criticise it?
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    (Original post by gagaslilmonsteruk)
    The Hangover was good but they milked it with II last year, and III (due next year)
    Lord of the Rings
    Star Wars
    Wall-E - the most overrated film ever - it was bad!!!
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original was great, but the remake with Jonny Depp no)
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Click - I love Adam Sandler films but was left disappointed by this

    I am expecting a lot of thumbs down for this list
    I liked the first pirates of the caribbean film but I still havn't seen any of the sequels all the way through and to be honest I don't plan on it either. I don't know if it was an age thing or what but I just found the 2nd one kinda boring and I've always fallen asleep or something whenever it's been on!

    Another series of films that I think are completely overated (I know I'm gonna get negged for this!) is star wars... Maybe it's a woman thing? I liked the early ones when I was a kid and I think I liked the phantom menace too with jar jar binks but I went to see attack of the clones at the cinema with my mum when it came out and we both fell asleep and I havn't watched a whole star wars film since.

    Oh and also THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!! What a load of crap that was! Glittery vampires? You can piss right off! I like my vampires to be sexy, masculine bloodsuckers! It should be a crime to compare these films or even put them in the same category as the TV series Trueblood or Buffy/Angel either actually.

    I better go to bed now because I keep thinking of more films I hate and at this rate I'll be typing away for hours lol
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    Wow, without being too disrespectful, the OP doesn't really understand cinema.
    (And also, it really irritates me when people post with stars. If it's starred out, it's not a vital word is it? So replace it with something less offensive. RANT OVER)
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    Napoleon Dynamite and Black Swan
  16. Offline

    One night in Paris.

    And the thingy with Tulisa...
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    The most overrated films that come to mind...

    Fight Club - This movie was so boring that I had to watch it in two separate sittings. The first time I watched it for an hour and had to stop because it just about put me to sleep. Eventually I got around to watching the second half, and it was even more disappointing than I had anticipated. Also, it's hard to take any movie with Brad Pitt seriously. He's such a worthless hack.

    Inception - This was just pain bad… typical Hollywood special effects in place of a good story. They introduce all these characters whom the audience never really gets to know, and the token female character ends up being utterly pointless by the end. On top of that, the plot was very poorly devised. The premise of a dream within a dream is a rather cool idea, but they completely ruined it with flawed logic and cheesy gunfights.

    Eternal Spotless Mind blah blah blah… whatever it was called - Again, all special effects and a silly plot.

    Pulp Fiction - It only received the attention it did because Reservoir Dogs was so good. Unlike Reservoir Dogs, however, Pulp Fiction has a stupid plot and extremely overrated actors. Bruce Willis is so cheesy, only ever able to play himself: a big, dumb guy. The other guys weren't much better.

    Kill Bill – same as above. Pretty much the only thing Tarantino ever did that was truly worth a damn was Reservoir Dogs.

    Revenge of the Sith – In order for Anakin's fall to be truly sad and tragic (as it was originally described in the first film), he has to actually be liked first. Instead, he was just a whiny, annoying d-bag, and that was before he became evil. Instead of feeling sorry for him when he was all burnt and crispy, the audience was cheering for Obi-Wan to finish him off. Epic fail.

    Also, virtually every comedy that is popular - They usually have one or two funny jokes (at most) that are shown in the trailers, and the rest of the movie is just plain dumb. This describes pretty much every comedy that has come out in modern memory.
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    Top of my head...

    Let the right one in
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    I think The Prestige is a tad overrated. It's an ok film, but doesn't deserve the 8.4 rating it currently enjoys on IMDb. I just felt completely cheated by the ending. You can't keep everyone under the pretence that this is going to be a very smart and clever mystery thriller, then resort to turning it in the last minute into a god damn sci-fi to explain everything. That's just lazy scriptwriting.
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    The Dark Knight. Was honestly nothing special.


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Updated: August 23, 2012
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