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RAF Officer, Teacher, Journalist.. kicked out if politically active?

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    I would like to pursue one of those above.

    I am also an active member of a pressure group that sometimes stands in elections, if I were to be in any of these career choices while being a member (an active one, If I were on the internet/websites or well known generally) would I get kicked out of the jobs?

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    Journalist definitely not, not sure about the others. Civil Servants are not allowed to be politically active as they have to be neutral but I don't know if this applies to all state funded jobs (which RAF Officer and Teacher would be).

    I think it's most likely that you wouldn't be, but it would be seen as highly unprofessional to make it obvious ie try and get colleagues to join the organisation or to take time off work to do things with it. Kept in your private life it is of course fine, but if in doubt, keep political views and jobs totally separate.
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    I think teachers can't be members of the BNP.
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    I very much doubt whether you would pass the security screening for the RAF and your political activism would certainly not be permitted anyway. As for the rest, no idea.
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    'Right foot forward'...'Enoch Powell's Office'. I think I might just know what 'pressure group' we are talking about here.
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    I'm fairly sure you can't be politically active for the Navy because my friend had a problem with it, so the RAF is probably the same. I don't know about teachers.


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Updated: February 29, 2012
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