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CRB Check - Has anyone had problems with a caution?

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    hi i had a caution for offensive wepond in public at july 2006 didnt go court would this be on my dbs check on my carer job thank u
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    (Original post by mark baunton;[url="tel:58810111")
    58810111[/url]]hi i had a caution for offensive wepond in public at july 2006 didnt go court would this be on my dbs check on my carer job thank u
    It depends on what check they do. If it's a basic disclosure no. If it's an extended crb check like what is required to work in a school then yes sadly it will.

    I am not going to sugar coat it either that is a fairly bad caution to have but it will really depend on the job. Anything can be explained away if you are honest. Play slightly dumb as you only have to declare a caution if the wording of the question requires you to declare cautions. Usually it just states unspent convictions which a caution is not. So don't drop yourself in it.
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    I have recently got a caution for shoplifting-yes very stupid!! Police have me a fine of £90 and said it would be in my records. Would this be filtered or not? I applied for a Australian visa and it was granted, do I need to declare this now? Will it affect me getting a job when I move there?

    Thanks for you help!!
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    Hi you will be ok n it is spent, which mean it's gone off your record
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    hello, i'm hopping to apply as a scout leader and they require a a CRB check - i received a caution for a false tax disc about 10 years ago - will this show up?



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Updated: October 5, 2015
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