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Architecture at Westminster or Northumbria?Never been so undecided,need help!!

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    Hello all
    I've received a conditional offer for an Architecture course at Westminster University and Northumbria University.Despite the Westminster's place in the ranking I have read that it has won many RIBA prizes lately and the athmosphere there is fantastic.I would like also to know how is the situation at Northumbria University in this section .I want to mention that I am a foreign student ,with experience in the domain.Where is the best place for me to develop as a better architect.Northumbria or Westminster?
    I've never been so undecided in my life,I always knew what I wanted but now I can't get off my head that ranking table which influence my decision all the time.
    I would like opinions and advices from students who study there ,and not from people who heard from another people that the uni is good or bad.
    Thank you and I wait for your advices.
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    Personally I would choses Northumbria, purely due to the living costs!
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    Thank you superturtle for your opinion,I will go in April to open days at Westmister to feel the atmosphere.
    Anyone who can give me another advice,I would be grateful.
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    Can you please tell me what offer do you have from Westminster ?
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    Yes of course ,I've got to pass the Baccalaureate with 7/10 .What offer do you have ?


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Updated: March 22, 2012
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