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Bit my nail too far, hurts like hell.

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    Is there anything I can do for the pain?

    I bit off about 5mm of nail, from my already very short nails, it all just came off in a big chunk far deeper down than usual, it was bleeding quite a lot although this has stopped now. However it's 8 hours later and my finger is still absolutely killing me, I know I sound like a total wuss here but I've lost half my nail it ****ing hurts.

    Would dipping my finger in vodka or mouthwash help or would it make it worse?
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    Well it wouldn't do anything for the pain if that's what you're asking.

    Unless you drunk the vodka of course...
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    Nasty. Know the feeling. Exams and dissertation stressing me out. Yesterday I bled!! All I can suggest is a plaster...
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    Grow a new nail.
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    You may find that dipping it into warm salty water will help
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    I bite my nails so this happens to me all the time.
    Here's what I do: put a blob of Germolene (or similar antiseptic cream) on the painful area, then put a plaster around the top of your finger. It numbs the pain AND stops you from bumping the sore area accidentally.
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    Go to sleep for a month. See how it feels then.
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    I actually squeeze my finger for a while and then it stops hurting. Probably not the best thing to do but it works. Hasn't stopped me biting my nails though haha
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    As a professional fingernail muncher, and someone who once (accidentally) sanded half his nail off in 'design and technology' class, all I can say is ya just gotta protect it (particularly from getting caught/rubbed on clothing) and leave it for a few days/months.

    Plasters are fun, but those fabricy ones get caught on rough edges and are excruciating to remove.

    Also, though it's painful, I'd advise using nail scissors to smoothen out all the rough edges, and pull out the painful bits which hurt to rub. Worth it in the long run...
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    I have literally just done this and I googled it to see what I could do to make it hurt a little less. What I have been doing is sucking the finger(s) really hard for a while;it does hurt at first but afterwards it sort of numbs it a bit
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    Its a matter of willpower. Just stop doing it. Do not even think of picking your toe nails. If you do, and you create an ingrowing toenail that requires surgery, you will known the real meaning of pain.


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Updated: December 10, 2014
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