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How rare are brunette girls with green eyes?

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    I am, and I know a few others, so I wouldn't say we're particularly rare. Grey eyes however...
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    Haha well I don't have green eyes, but I have blue eyes that turn grey, depending on the weather and my mood they go from intense blue to grey and dark hair. And just so you know blue and green eyes are genetic mutations and it's a bit unlikely you will find many brunettes with green eyes in England much because you are more of a fair skin and hair race
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    I know one girl that has blonde/brown hair and green eyes.

    My boyfriend has rather dark brown hair and gorgeous green eyes :smug:
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    (Original post by Fantaisie)
    my mother, me and all my three sisters do I never thought of it as uncommon but actually I can't really think of that many other people I know with green eyes even apart from all my exs. I lhonestly only like guys with dark hair and green eyes, it the only combination I find attractive at all. I hate blond hair on men so much! I think it's vile and just find blue or brown eyes really boring, bland and genuninly unattractive so op your not alone.
    I totally agree, blond men are so plain... I love guys that have dark hair and blue eyes though, green eyes as well but blue are amazing. Unfortunately my bf has blond hair and hazel-green eyes... But black guys with blue/green eyes look otherworldly and amazing
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    (Original post by Mastermind007)
    Slightly harsh thing to say about your bf no? Poor guy haha
    Haha well I always told him that I don't know how I fell in love with him and I always make fun of him that he's blond so he knows it but I still love him no matter what
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    I have long brown hair, and green eyes.

    And a penis.

    PICK ME.
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    I have blondeish brownish hair and green eyes
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    my best friend is brunette with green eyes, she's said to be one of the most beautiful girls in my school : )
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    I'm one *waves hello* Well my eyes are green with brown flecks but close enough haha .
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    (Original post by Torpedo Fish)
    Why would you do that?! Green eyes and brunette hair looks so pretty. :love:
    Aha well I guess I just love to experiment with different colours That and I'm into red hair at the moment.
    On the plus side I only use semi-dye instead of perminant, so after 7 weeks the colour has almost faded and returned back to my original brunette hair
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    (Original post by Torpedo Fish)
    I really want to go out with a girl who has brunette hair and green eyes, but I am struggling to find one. I assume they do exist? There's nothing genetic to stop this combination of features? I know green eyes are pretty rare anyway, but those who do have green eyes tend to have either blonde or black hair rather than brunette and I really want to find a brunette with green eyes.

    So have you ever seen one? Or indeed, are you one yourself.

    Find someone you like, demand they dye their hair and wear contacts, hope they don't storm off, and you're a winner
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    One of my sisters has brown hair and the most stunning light green eyes ever.
    My other sister has brown hair and lovely hazel-green eyes.
    I got stuck with brown eyes. Silly genetics. I would've loved to have green eyes :sad:
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    My boyfriend has brown hair and hazel-green eyes.

    Can't think of any girls I know off the top of my head who are, and the bfs taken I'm afraid.
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    One of my friends has black hair though and green eyes xD

    i had a crush on her in year 9...
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    (Original post by Torpedo Fish)
    I'm not that bothered about features, I'm not into the whole high cheekbones bs.
    So you're more than happy dating an ugly, spotty, obese girl who is brunette with green eyes?

    Each to their own.
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    We are 3 siblings (girls) and all 3 of us have that combination including my mum... so it's not that rare
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    One of my friends has dark brown hair and green eyes, as does my Grandma. I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes, which at tiems can appear quite green. I don't think that it is that common, but it certainly isn't nonexistent.
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    (Original post by DJkG.1)
    It's not that uncommon, a lot of Latin and mediterranean and Persian girls would meet those criteria.

    Interesting that I say that because those girls are often considered the hottest - maybe you're on to something OP. :holmes:

    Is it strange I'm Scottish/Irish and have brown hair and green eyes? It doesn't look so great on me because I'm pale though
    I think I'm adopted as nobody in the whole of my extended family has the same mix
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    I actually thought this combination was quite common... I'm a green eyed brunette myself and have at least a few friends who are the same combo
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    I don't think it's that rare, on my dads side a lot of my family have green eyes/ brown hair and I've a few friends with it too.


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