What are The Student Room badges?

Our community makes The Student Room what it is. This huge group of helpful people support others by giving top-notch guidance and always being up for a chat. 

The Student Room badges are awarded to identify, recognise, endorse and commend our members who helpfully contribute and play an active role in our communities.

There are 21 badges you can earn, all with various levels of achievement. These badges will show on your profile page, along with a bit more info about how to get them.

Whale hello!

whale hello

Whale, hello there! Welcome to The Student Room!

The best way to get the most out of The Student Room is by getting involved in the chat - the sooner the better. Post once in the first hour of your membership to get your hands on this one.

Section Badges

There's something for everyone on The Student Room, but we all have our favourites. Maybe you're a boxset binge addict and spend a lot of time chatting in Entertainment. Perhaps you're a maths genius and like to be in Study Help to give others a hand. You can earn each of these section badges for posting lots in each particular section.

One of Us

Hooray! You're a member of the UK's biggest online student community. To celebrate, here's a membership badge for you. This is the only badge on The Student Room that has SIX levels! Can you make it? If you're already a member, this badge counts from the day you joined.


Do you have that special knack for getting conversation going?

On The Student Room, we love a good natter. Start a thread which gets lots of chins wagging, and you'll be a level 3 Conversationalist in no time. Don't forget to pop back and keep the chat going!


Are you the road runner of helpfulness?

No one likes waiting for a great answer to their important question. Jump into a thread and be the first one to respond to score this top spot badge.

Rep Boss

Is your advice or banter particularly on point?

If you make a post that is super helpful, super supportive or super hilarious, and you get lots of rep on it, you're a total rep boss. But don't forget to rep other people too!


Never forget to say thank you...

Recognise someone who's really impressed you on TSR by giving them rep. But don't just keep it in the family - the more people you rep, the higher your levels will go.


Calling all knowledge sponges!

If you're a Study Help afficianado who wants to know all the answers, you'll have this badge in no time.

Early Bird

The Student Room's Early Bird is a rare breed...

Only seen only in the early hours of the morning, this creature is at it's best just as the rest of the world is just waking up. Better set the alarm clock for this one!

Night Owl

Late night studying got you burning the midnight oil?

Firstly - get some sleep! Secondly, if you can't - here's a badge! When the books are packed away and you're winding down for the night, a little late night session on The Student Room could be just the ticket.

Home Bird

Do you prefer to comforts of home rather than wild adventure?

If all your time on The Student Room is distilled into one forum, this badge will be yours before you can say 'relaxed night in'. The more dedication you show to your favourite forum, the higher the level you'll go.

Social Butterfly

The ultimate badge for the super chatty.

If you can't get enough of The Student Room, this challenge is for you. Can you get around every section, being helpful, talkative and awesome? Only the most hardcore members will get this beauty.


Love to chat? It won't be very long before this badge comes your way.

The Chatterbox badge is awarded to the number of posts you make it the last month. Heads up though, this doesn't include posts in Chat and Forum Games.

Clever Clogs

Are you super helpful in the Study Help forums?

It's the supportive members who make sure everyone gets a helpful answer that make The Student Room so brilliant. You'll go up badge levels depending on how many of your posts get 'rep' in the Study Help forums.


Do you give great advice and really support your mates?

This badge recognises people who do their best to respond to all the threads created on The Student Room. If you get rep from the original poster (OP) of an unanswered thread, you'll become a Hero!