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Classical Studies help?

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    Apologies if this is in the wrong board, there are so many!

    Anyway, to put it short and sweet, I'm a BTEC National Art Diploma student and I want to go to Reading University to study History of Art and Classical Studies. I've emailed them to ask whether this is possible (because my Diploma is art-focused and doesn't have a lot of history-based modules), and they said that yes it was, but I'd need a DDM to get in.

    Grades I can handle, but I want to be able to show them that I have experience with the subject by naming and talking in-depth about books that I've read in my personal statement, and just generally being able to talk about the subjects with ease in interviews.

    I'm looking for recommendations of books and documentaries that I can read/watch during the summer so that I can go back to College afterwards and not be running around like crazy trying to cram things into my application form.

    Here's a list of the books I've already written down (hopefully you can add to it): The Odyssey (not for the statement, I just really want to read it), The Iliad, Art of the Western World: From Ancient Greece to Post-Modernism, The Complete Temples of Egypt, Classical Art: From Greece to Rome.

    And I've also already watched documentaries such as: Clash of the Gods, Tutankhamun: The Mystery Revealed, Egypt's Ten Greatest Discoveries, Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece.
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    The Aeneid lysistrata. Very good comedy that, erm anything classical really. Metamorphosis

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