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freshers anxiety problems

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    Keep this anon please!

    Long story short: Dropped out of uni due to having few friends in September and not liking my course, didn't really fit in. Now feeling anxious that no-one will like me at new university so not sure what to do, it's worrying me!

    Long-story: I dropped out of University after a month in September due to not liking the course and not really meeting anyone who liked me/who wanted to talk to me, am now returning in September to another uni to do another course and am really paranoid I will hate my new course and the depression and no friends will return.

    I find it really difficult to make friends in general, and its even harder when I'm thrown into a situation where I don't know anyone and there's so much change involved.

    Any advice on how to cope and how to make friends easier?

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    What you are doing is assuming that your new university will only be a repeat of the bad situation you found yourself in last time, don't think that way, it is a completely different uni and so it will be completely different. If you want to make friends easier then try to improve your social skills and relax when you meet people, go with the flow. Decide what you could do better this time around, say don't panic if you go somewhere where you don't know anyone and throw yourself in at the deep end, join societies and get immersed in uni life. No-one knows anyone at the start of uni anyway, you'll be in the same boat as anyone else, loosen up. If you feel anxious and nervous at meeting people, which is perfectly natural, then it will likely make you very withdrawn and harder to talk to, you have to open up as best you can. Don't be anxious! I think it's something like 50% of people meet their soul mate at uni, you never know, seriously don't think negatively you will have an amazing time. Get in there and give it your best shot, you don't have to be everyone's friend just be yourself and relax.


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Updated: July 15, 2012
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