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    am i the only one in claycroft??
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    am i the only one in claycroft??
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    Selin (Coop) - Rootes, New, Grey -- Biochemistry
  4. Offline

    Aniella Rootes
    Early Childhood Studies
  5. Offline

    Peter - Whitefields - MORSE
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    Love this idea!

    James- Rootes - Microbiology (virology)
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    Nima - Rootes - English Literature & Creative Writing
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    Hmmm, JM and Rootes are getting quite cramped.

    I've made the boxes bigger several times..... I may have to have like 2 maps or something, or just make all the text much smaller.
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    Jess - Geminus - Maths - Cryfield
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    Prabudh - __WiZaRD__ - L100 Economics - Westwood ...... :/
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    Michael - m1kes - Law (3 year) - Rootes (New)
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    Chris (chris12345) - Engineering - AV
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    Angela (MyDestiny_Tonight) - Acc+Fin - Westwood
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    Mona - Rootes - Accounting and Finance
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    Kosta - Lakeside - Computer Science
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    Russell (Rusty Nails) - Mathematics (4 years) - Rootes
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    jemima, rootes old, french and italian
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    Lucinda - JM - French with Italian
  19. Offline

    Tom - Rootes - Maths

    Looks like rootes is the place to be
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    Sam - Westwood - Maths and Physics


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