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University of Leeds Accomodation- Tannery or Leodis

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    Just been to the Leeds Accomodation open day, I'd originally made up my mind from just the website and planned to apply for James bailie. I'm now undecided between leodis and tannery. I want somewhere that's quite sociable with an en suite, not scatty (none of Leeds' Accomodation was bad at all for quality) that's within a reasonable distance, I was immediately put off oxley by the distance from the campus. A lot of people have told me to put leodis but just wanted a few more opinions. Any help or suggestions is very much appreciated!!

    Hey, I also attended the viewing day today and had previously decided to apply for James Baillie Park but decided it was a bit too far away from campus for my liking. I'm now applying for Henry Price but Leodis came in at a close second. I didn't look round The Tannery but I would say that Leodis has got the advantage of being much closer to campus than The Tannery. This really appealed to me because you wouldn't have to walk far to get home if you had a lecture and then wanted to go the gym/union/activities for a society. If you lived a bit further out you may have to stick around on campus rather than walk 20 minutes home then 20 minutes back. However, if you're likely to spend a lot of time in your halls rather than in societies and on campus, maybe being a bit further out would be good for you? I don't know how social The Tannery is, but by the sounds of things people at Leodis like to arrange a lot of movie nights and things like that as they have the common room available so people from different flats can hang round together. Hope this was of some help
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